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Why You Need a Maritime Lawyer if you are Injured in a Parasailing Accident

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Charles R. Lipcon is the firm’s founder and one of the preeminent maritime attorneys in the United States. Mr. Lipcon has been handling maritime lawsuits – including personal injury, wrongful death, sexual assault and rape – for over 40 years. In that time, he and his firm have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients.

For those who are seeking an adrenaline rush and thrilling activity, parasailing may be the recreational water sport for you. However, when vacationers and adventurers are about to book a parasailing excursion, they may want to think twice. Our parasailing accident lawyers have seen and handled countless horrific parasailing accidents using 200 years of combined experience in maritime law.

Although parasailing is one of the most popular activities and excursions tourists and locals book, it is also one of the most dangerous water sports. Those who book these excursions are not always completely aware of the dangers they will likely be exposed to.

So why does Maritime law apply to parasailing accidents?  The answer is simple, it is because these incidents involve bodies of navigable water and therefore Admiralty jurisdiction applies.  This is a simple yet critical distinction because the application of Admiralty law makes these cases (like all cases handle) governed by a unique and distinct body of law.

Recently, a tragic parasailing accident story just off the coast of Key West, Florida caught our attention.

One Dead and One Airlifted After Parasailing Accident in Key West

On Friday, July 17, a tourist couple reportedly fell after being hoisted into the air while parasailing in Key West, Florida.

The couple was identified as Nicolas Hayward, 36, from Costa Rica and Azalea Silva, 28, from San Antonio, Texas. Unfortunately, Hayward was pronounced dead at the Lower Keys Medical Center. Silva was airlifted to Jackson Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center in Miami-Dade County.

The tourists were on board a Sunset Watersports sail with 10 other passengers when the accident occurred. Sunset Watersports website states they are the “oldest parasailing company in Key West” and use “state-of-the-art boats and the best equipment available.”

Key West, along with most of South Florida experienced severe weather and thunderstorms on Friday, July 17. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) states the “severe weather is a contributing factor with the accident.”

Types of Parasailing Accidents We Have Seen as Leading Accident Lawyers

About three to five million people, just in the United States, go parasailing each year. Many things can go wrong during parasailing and there are several factors that may contribute to a severe accident or even worse, a sudden death.

Factors that commonly cause and contribute to these incidents include:

  • Harness Failure
  • Parachute Failure
  • Tandem Failure
  • Tow Boat Mechanical Failure
  • Winch Failure
  • Weather Conditions

Why Choose Us to Handle your Claim? 

Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. has been helping victims of accidents at sea since 1971. Our law firm has experience and history when it comes to parasailing accidents.

  1. We are currently representing Katie Malone, who was severely injured in a parasailing accident when she was a guest at the private beach at the Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa on June 9, 2018.
  2. We are also currently representing the Thakkar family, who on November 19, 2017, was vacationing at Moon Palace in Cancun.  Ami along with her then 5-year-old daughter decided to go parasailing with a vendor that offered parasailing on the hotel’s private beach.  They were pulled over 1000 feet in the air, when there was a malfunction which caused them to plummet to the water.  Ami suffered multiple traumatic injuries to her head and body and died as a result of the incident.  Her daughter suffered life threatening physical injuries and continues to suffer to this day.

These are just a few of the recent parasailing accidents we are working on. Contact us to learn more about our extensive experience in this area.

Contact Experienced Maritime Attorneys for Assistance with a Parasailing Accident

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