Princess Cruises

Princess Cruise Lines is perhaps best known for its ship called the Pacific Princess, which was the ship that was featured on the television series The Love Boat. However, Princess Cruise Lines is not just a cruise line that was featured on a TV show. It is owned by the world’s largest cruise ship operator and it is under the control of Holland America Group.

Princess Cruise Lines is one of three Carnival Corporation & PLC brands that are based on the West Coast of the United States and is under the control of The Holland America Group. Princess Cruise Lines is based in Santa Clarita, California, although the company is incorporated in Bermuda.

Princess is one of 10 total cruise brands owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC. Both American and international passengers travel on ships operated by Princess Cruise Lines, and the company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015.

Princess Cruise Lines’ Fleet

While the famous Pacific Princess from The Love Boat was retired in 2013 and it no longer sets sail, there are still many ships in Princess Cruise Lines’ fleet for passengers to choose from if they wish to take a Princess Cruise. The company’s fleet includes:

  • Royal Princess
  • Regal Princess
  • Grand Princess
  • Golden Princess
  • Star Princess
  • Diamond Princess
  • Sapphire Princess
  • Caribbean Princess
  • Crown Princess
  • Emerald Princess
  • Ruby Princess
  • Coral Princess
  • Island Princess
  • Sun Princess
  • Dawn Princess
  • Sea Princess

There are two additional ships that Princess Cruise Lines has announced will be added to its fleet in the future. The Majestic Princess will be introduced in 2017 and the Mermaid Princess will be introduced in 2019.

Cases Against Princess Cruise Lines

On many of the ships operated by Princess Cruise Lines, problems have occurred that have put passengers in harm’s way. From an incident in which an 8-year-old nearly drowned to passenger evacuations to passengers going missing, there have been many different situations where those aboard a Princess Cruise Lines ship were put in peril.

When a cruise line fails to provide a safe environment and passengers or crew members are put in jeopardy, injured victims wishing to pursue legal action should consult a maritime lawyer to assist them in navigating the complexities associated with holding the cruise line accountable.

Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A. has experience taking legal action against Princess Cruise Lines, including in C.S. vs.. Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd. We are ready to fight for you against this cruise company or any other cruise line that does not live up to its obligations to provide a safe work environment or safe and secure traveling environment.

Contact LMAW If You’re Injured Aboard a Cruise Ship

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