CMA CGM currently holds the title as the fourth-largest container shipping and transport group in the world. CMA CGM operates in 160 countries serving 420 of the 521 commercial ports through agencies worldwide.

CMA CGM owns and operates:

  • 285 shipping lines
  • 110,000 employees
  • 502 vessels
  • 21,6 million TEUs (volume transported)
  • 2.705 million TEUs (fleet’s slot capacity)

CMA CGM is best known for their work on deep-sea trade routes but they also offer short sea cargo services through a dedicated fleet, as well as through their subsidiaries.

CMA CGM’s Fleet

The CMA CGM fleet offers 502 vessels with a combined capacity of 2.705 million TEUs and are equipped with all the latest technologies for safety and environmental protection.

Some of the largest containerships include:

  • CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin
  • CMA CGM Kerguelen
  • CMA CGM Bougainville

The flagship, the CMA CGM Antoine de Saint Exupery, measures 400 meters long and 59 meters wide with a capacity of 20,600 TEUs. It also offers some of the latest innovations in environmental technology, including:

  • A Becker Twisted Fin designed to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions by 4%
  • A new-generation engine that reduces CO2 emissions by 3% on average through reduced oil consumption (-25%).
  • A UV lamp system for treating ballast water which reduces the impact on marine biodiversity.

According to the CDC, “the water transportation industry has a fatality rate 4.7 times higher than the rate for all U.S. workers.”

Cases Against CMA CGM

We have successfully represented crewmembers of CMA CGM and we stand ready to help you or your loved ones in the event of an injury or death.

Maritime and admiralty law requires shipping lines to protect the individuals employed on their vessels. Unfortunately, even well-established lines commit negligent acts that result in injuries to their employees and others. Offshore workers not only face dangerous working conditions but, as they often also live aboard the ship, they are subject to potentially hazardous accommodations.

Under the Jones Act, if you became ill while working on a vessel, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, lost wages and loss of earning capacity.

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