Guided by Richard Branson, Virgin Voyages is the latest innovator to join the cruise industry. From the bow to the sleek silvery-grey smoked glass hull, Virgin Voyages puts a modern spin on the romance of sailing.

The Virgin Voyages fleet comprises mid-sized ships offering luxury amenities and experiences both on deck and offshore. The “Adults by Design” concept promises “a sanctuary at sea for the 18 plus traveler.” Onboard amenities are complemented by innovative offshore experiences, such as a private beach club in Bimini and bucket list-worthy adventures.

The Virgin Voyages fleet of “Lady Ships,” a playful nod to Virgin’s British heritage, are equipped with the Climeon Ocean clean energy system. The first major cruise line to adopt this green technology, it reduces carbon dioxide by generating energy using heat from the ship’s engines.

Virgin Voyages’ “Lady Ship” Fleet

Virgin Voyages launched its 2020 inaugural season with itineraries to the Caribbean on the Scarlet Lady. With the Valiant Lady and two other ships under construction, the cruise line has plans to offer four ships by 2023.

  • Scarlet Lady, which cruises the Caribbean, inaugural season July 2020
  • Valiant Lady, which cruises the Mediterranean, inaugural season 2021

There is no room for inexperience or error in a cruise line’s inaugural season. Every passenger and crew member is entitled to expect the ship will be reasonably safe for them. If there is a failure on the part of Virgin Voyages to offer a safe traveling environment, both on the ship and during shore excursions, crew members and passengers may be entitled to pursue a claim for damages.

Cases Against Virgin Voyages

In March of 2020, the Virgin Voyages team made the decision to postpone its inaugural sailing season due to concerns over cruise ship safety and the Coronavirus. With the goal of reducing the risk to the passengers and crew, the Scarlet Lady will be embarking on its Maiden Voyage on August 7, 2020. Every maritime attorney at our firm will be ready to handle claims in a timely fashion as needed.

Some of the types of cruise ship passenger injury cases we handle include:

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