Attorney Jacqueline Garcell Made a Lipcon Partner


Jacqueline Garcell We would like to take a moment to congratulate Jacqueline Garcell for being the fastest attorney ever to make partner at Lipcon!  Ms. Garcell began her legal career at Lipcon and has been with us for 10 years, helping us achieve significant milestones — she has many prominent case verdicts and settlements to her name.

We are excited to have Ms. Garcell on our team and taking on a larger role.  She is a proven litigator who is willing and able to successfully try a case to its conclusion.

In 2017, she secured a $2.6 million verdict on behalf of a passenger who was injured in a waterpark area on a cruise ship that was inadequately supervised by crew members.  Ms. Garcell capably argued that the cruise line – based on their own policies and procedures, and due to prior similar accidents having taken place — was negligent in failing to station a crew member in the area to prevent the type of incident that occurred.  Thanks to the incredible result, she was awarded the Top 50 Personal Injury Verdicts, Top 100 Overall Verdicts, and Top 10 Premises Liability Verdicts for the state of Florida for that year.

Since joining the firm, Ms. Garcell has helped secure favorable verdicts and settlements in hundreds of cases.  Examples include:

  • Cases involving passengers who were sexually assaulted or raped by crew members during their cruise journeys.  Ms. Garcell has negotiated several settlements of over $1M for these plaintiffs.
  • Cases where passengers were injured while being transported to shore during excursions or participating in excursions (that were booked through the cruise line).  Ms. Garcell has obtained favorable settlements in many such disputes.
  • Cases involving crew members who have sustained harm while working aboard a cruise ship.  Ms. Garcell has in-depth experience with many such lawsuits, and has successfully handled complicated crew member injury cases in which the crew member was not given prompt, proper, and/or adequate medical treatment.

Ms. Garcell is a driven litigator who prides herself on the fact that she is able to represent those who are truly in need of assistance — she routinely advocates on behalf of those who suffer severe personal injuries, sexual assault, and rape, fighting relentlessly to secure the compensation they deserve.

Here at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A., we believe that attorneys who are committed to high-quality work can change people’s lives for the better.  It is a firm’s responsibility to identify effective attorneys and put them in a position where they can provide the greatest service to their clients and others.  Ms. Garcell has contributed to Lipcon’s success since she joined our firm in 2010 as a summer associate, and we could not be more excited to see what the future holds.

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