Cruise Bruise For Mobile – Just Plain Awesome!


Cruise Bruise for Mobile has finally been fixed, for the very last time. Since trying to get the thin, quick-loading mobile edition online, with more glitches than I care to count, I’ve tried a huge assortment of solutions to the mobile website problem. None of the solutions panned out long term. Each was just too much work to keep up with, given the heavy technical demands of the main site. It had become such a thorn in my side, I’d removed the link to the mobile site some time back.

No more! The new automated Cruise Bruise for mobiles, such as Blackberry, iPhone, Droid and other models of cell phones suitable for accessing the internet,  will automatically updated from this blog. This means you can get the latest news on your phone without all the fluff and I don’t have to lift a finger.

Because the mobile website will updated from this blog, I will make it a priority to ensure the blog entries are summaries of the news, not just a lead-in. As it stands now, the blog entries only give a hint, most of the time, what the entire article will be about when you click to read the article. That way, if you’re mobile, you can get the short summaries. When you can get to a desktop, laptop, netbook or ipad, you can read the full article, if you so desire.

Fully tested, the new mobile site is the answer to a problem we’ve had since launching the mobile site.

If you view the mobile site on anything other than a cell phone, it’s going to be confusing to you, and look horrible. Get off that site! It’s for MOBILE. In a mobile browser, it will fill most screens, with large font and will be centered in the larger mobile browser formats, such as iPhone or Droid. It looks great on my Blackberry, which of course is the default format.

On your cell phone, you’ll want to bookmark (go ahead, run on over and take a peak with your mobile) If you arrive on the main site, click the button found at the top of every page on the main site, that says FOR MOBILE. Once on the quick-loading mobile site, click the text link under the Cruise Bruise logo to view the lastest blog entries.

Cruise Bruise For Mobile is proudly sponsored by the top-notch, maritime, cruise law, longshoreman, seaman’s law firm of Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina and Winkleman. Be sure to bookmark their website as well, just in case your dream cruise turns the worst day of your life . . . God forbid!

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