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The idea behind taking a cruising vacation is to relax and leave your worries behind.

But after all the news about dramatic cruise vessel mishaps, such as the Costa Concordia grounding, as well as frequent headlines about sexual assaults and shipboard viral outbreaks, can cruising really be that carefree?

Well, in a word: yes.

The best way to relax on your cruise is to do your homework before you go. Preparation involves more than just shopping for the best cruise deal and price. It means knowing, well in advance, about the dangers and types of incidents that can and do occur at sea. Educating yourself on how to prevent and respond to a maritime injury or assault is essential to your safety. Unsafe on the High Seas is a best-selling book by Charles Lipcon, one of the industry’s most recognized and experienced cruise lawyers, which offers a behind-the-scenes insight into the cruise industry.

Download This “Know-Before-You-Go” Cruising Guide for Just 99 Cents

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Comparable books and reference guides can cost up to 15 times as much as this travel essential. Cruise lawyer Charles R. Lipcon, known as the “lawyer who never loses a case,” is founder of the Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A, an elite maritime law firm based in Miami. Mr. Lipcon has compiled his cruise lawyer recommendations based on over 35 years’ of professional experience representing plaintiffs who have been injured or victimized on cruise ships.

The cruising guide sets forth realistic rules to keep you and your loved ones safe in a cruise ship environment, sensible discussion of health and sanitation issues while at sea, and practical advice to guide you from the purchase of your ticket until the end of your voyage. Do not book a cruise without reading this book – and don’t ever leave port without it!

Unsafe on the High Seas has consistently been ranked as one of Amazon’s 30 best sellers in the Specialty Travel category.

Instantly Download the E-book

Now cruise lawyer Charles Lipcon’s celebrated book on the cruising industry can be yours for as little as 99 cents. Unsafe on the High Seas is available in a variety of formats, including:

  • Amazon’s Kindle devices
  • The Barnes & Noble Nook devices
  • The Apple iTunes Store for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iBooks
  • On your computer with iTunes
  • The Android marketplace for compatible reading devices

This e-book is instantly downloadable. The electronic format makes it a perfect travel companion to help you and your family enjoy a safer vacation. Now it’s easy to have this resource right at your fingertips if an emergency should occur while you are at sea.

Purchase the Traditional Print Format

For those who prefer a hardcopy of the book, it is available for purchase from the Amazon.com marketplace or directly from I. Adels Publishing with the ease and convenience of PayPal.

Unsafe on the High Seas Reviews and Recommendations

Below is praise from readers of this cruise ship lawyer classic.

  • “Having been the victim of a cruise ship crime (my cabin was robbed!), I wish that I had had the opportunity to read this book before going on that cruise years ago. I was laboring under the false security assumption that going on a cruise would be like stepping on to the Love Boat – a luxurious and safe getaway. Boy, was I wrong.”
  • “… (M)any horrible things happen on cruise ships every day, but they get swept under the rug. … Unsafe on the High Seas is a book that needs to be read by anyone wanting to go on a cruise.”
  • “Just got back from a cruise and wish I had read this book before I went. The cruise industry makes everything look so functional and organized, when really it is just a cover-up.”
  • “I think this should be required reading before going on any cruise.”
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