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From 2000 to 2015, our in-house publication, the Cruise Line Law Reporter, brought much-needed transparency to the cruise industry. Every month our cruise ship accident lawyers brought accident and liability cases to light, providing insight into cruise line negligence, maritime laws and regulations frequently violated by cruise lines, and a general overview and outcome of current and prior notable admiralty and maritime cases.

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Improving Cruise Ship Incident Reporting

The cruise industry experienced significant growth in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, rules, regulations, and reporting practices failed to keep up with the increased popularity of cruising. Today, there have been accidents and deaths due to someone else’s negligence on almost all of the major cruise lines.

Some of the noteworthy companies featured in the archive include:

Help Us Hold the Cruise Industry Accountable

While current reporting is significantly more reliable, not all cruise lines are transparent, making it difficult to conduct a thorough and accurate comparison. Though we’ve stopped publishing the Cruise Line Law Reporter, we’ve kept the archive online as a resource for students and lawyers. We take pride in serving as a resource for the maritime law community we continue to serve.

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