Limb Loss & Amputations

Resources & Information for Amputees

General Information:

A comprehensive list of “Tips for the New Amputee” is provided by the National Amputation Foundation.


YouTube features interesting videos about recent developments in prosthetics for amputees. This video is one of several announcing the availability of a new bionic hand.

Information & Support from Other Amputation Victims:

The Amputee Coalition of America (ACA) provides a variety of resources to support people with limb loss or limb differences. They conduct advocacy efforts and host a blog on parity coverage of prosthetics by major medical insurers, sponsor national conferences, have links to peer support, and offer a summer camp for youth amputees.

Social media groups like Less Than Four offer communities where people with limb loss can share experiences and connect via blogs, videos, photos, Facebook and Twitter. Another online community, “Amputees Rock”, is a Facebook group with over 600 members.