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Miami Herald Speaks With Attorney Garcell Regarding Royal Caribbean Bus Crash Case


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Indipendence of the Seas cruise ship docked at Civitavecchia harborRecently, we reported on an update to a bus crash that took place in 2016. The crash involved the driver of a shore excursion bus. As he was taking passengers back to their cruise ship, the passengers say he drove recklessly and refused to slow down when asked. Ultimately, his risky driving behavior resulted in a collision that killed one passenger and left others injured. Now, the surviving passengers are suing Royal Caribbean International.

The group says that Royal Caribbean did not put their safety as a top priority. Although the cruise line did not directly hire the bus driver, those suing Royal Caribbean believe that the company is still responsible for the events of the day.

We are proud to announce that our firm is handling the case, which was filed in federal court in Miami on Monday. Jacqueline Garcell, an attorney with our firm, is representing the plaintiffs who include residents of South Florida, North Carolina, Connecticut, Michigan and Illinois.

The Miami Herald spoke with Attorney Garcell, in light of the recent lawsuit. In response to what should be expected from the cruise line, she stated, “Just because they get off the cruise ship, doesn’t mean their responsibility ends to make sure the passengers are safe.”

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs have “severe and permanent injures” as a result of the collision, which involved the bus flipping over several times. In fact 18 of the 21 passengers on the bus were injured.

Attorney Garcell adds that passengers thought the excursion was operated by Royal Caribbean, only to later learn that it was led by a Jamaican tour operator, Excursion Entities. Due to the fact that it was marketed as a Royal Caribbean trip, she says that, “for all intents and purposes these entities are part of the cruise line.”

The plaintiffs have requested damages and a trial by jury. We are confident in Attorney Garcell’s ability to successfully represent her clients, and we will be keeping a close eye on the progress of this case.

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