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Navigating Legal Options After a Tragedy on Biscayne Bay: Two Dead as Boat Collides with Yacht


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Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. is made up of attorneys who are nationally recognized industry leaders in the field of maritime and admiralty law. Our team of cruise lawyers has well over two centuries of combined experience, has successfully handled over 3,000 cases, and has recovered over 300 million dollars in damages for our clients. Several of our attorneys have even been selected to “Best Lawyers” ® by US News & World Report every year as far back as 2016.

The tragic incident near Boca Chita Key, where a small boat and a yacht collided resulting in the loss of two lives, is a stark reminder of the inherent risks associated with boating. As maritime law experts, we at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. are deeply saddened by the news of Jorge Marenco and Jose Turcios’s passing and extend our heartfelt condolences to their families and friends.

Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. stands as a leading authority in maritime law, with a distinguished record of representing victims of boating accidents both domestically and internationally. Our award-winning team is deeply versed in the complexities of maritime litigation and is prepared to offer expert guidance to those affected by such tragedies. If you or a loved one has suffered from a boating accident and are considering legal action, our attorneys are equipped to advise you on the best course of action and to help you navigate the legal process ahead.

We are honored to have been named to “Best Law Firms”® by US News & World Report since 2016, with four of our attorneys named to “Best Lawyers”® in America. With over 250 years of combined experience and over $300 million in damages recovered for our clients, victims who are represented by our firm can be confident that their cases are in the hands of experienced professionals

What Happens Next?

When a fatal boat collision occurs, the investigation process is meticulous and involves specific maritime laws. This process is paramount in determining the cause of the incident and identifying potential breaches of maritime regulations.

Under maritime law, the concept of negligence is critical when determining liability in a fatal collision. Parties may be held liable if they breached their duty to act reasonably under the circumstances, leading to the incident. It encompasses the actions of shipmasters and crew and extends to the vessel’s seaworthiness and proper operation.

Maritime laws provide specific avenues for claiming damages after a fatal boat collision. The families of the deceased may seek significant compensation, and maritime workers have distinct remedies available under federal statutes. The victims’ families may file for wrongful death damages under general maritime law. These damages include, but are not limited to, compensation for loss of support, love, and companionship, as well as funeral expenses.

Factors that Contribute to Boating Accidents

In our experience, several factors can contribute to maritime accidents, including but not limited to operator inattention, inexperience, mechanical failures, alcohol, and violations of navigation rules. It is essential to examine all these aspects meticulously. The authorities will likely look into the speed of the vessels, the lighting and weather conditions at the time of the accident, and whether the operators were following the navigational rules applicable to Biscayne Bay.

The legal implications following such an accident are multifaceted. In the event of negligence or a breach of maritime law, the responsible parties could be held liable for wrongful death, personal injury, or property damage claims. The families of the deceased are likely entitled to significant compensation for their loss, including funeral expenses, loss of companionship, and other damages. Those on board who may have witnessed the accident could also suffer from emotional trauma, which is another aspect that should not be overlooked.

What Maritime Laws Apply to a Fatal Boat Collision on Biscayne Bay?

Navigating the intricacies of maritime law becomes crucial following a fatal boat collision in Biscayne Bay. Maritime laws govern nautical issues and maritime disputes. They are a combination of U.S. laws and international agreements, designed to provide guidance for legal issues that occur on the waters.

When a tragic event leads to loss of life, as seen with the recent collision involving two boats in Biscayne Bay, these laws determine liability and compensation amidst the complex maritime environment.

In the event of a fatal collision, significant legal considerations come into play. Investigation into the cause of the accident, the responsibility of the vessel operators, and the adherence to navigational rules are essential for establishing accountability under maritime law.

Several other areas of the law are pertinent. For instance, personal injury or wrongful death claims might be initiated under the principles of maritime tort law. Liability and compensation are significant elements in these incidents, guiding the dispensation of justice and reparation for the harm inflicted.

Each maritime incident is unique, and thus, the application of maritime law can differ widely. We highly encourage the families involved to seek legal support, such as claims for damages, to address losses incurred due to such unfortunate events.

Contact Our Boating Accident Lawyers If You’ve Been Involved in a Collision at Sea

The loss of Jorge Marenco and Jose Turcios is a sobering reminder of the potential dangers of boating. At Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A., our mission is to advocate for the safety and rights of all mariners and passengers. We have a team of 16 attorneys who specialize in maritime law and have successfully represented hundreds of  clients involved in boating accidents. Our approach is to provide compassionate yet aggressive representation to ensure that our clients receive the justice and compensation they deserve.

If you or someone you care about has been involved in a boating accident, like the recent tragedy near Boca Chita Key, it is crucial to seek legal guidance immediately. Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. is here to offer you a free consultation to discuss your case. With our extensive experience in maritime law and boating accidents, we are committed to fighting for your rights and pursuing the justice and compensation you deserve.

Our firm stands at the forefront of maritime litigation. We possess a profound understanding of the intricacies of maritime law, including the Jones Act and General Maritime Law, and we are prepared to leverage our expertise on your behalf. In the wake of a boating accident, you need a legal team that is not only knowledgeable but also deeply empathetic to your situation. We stand ready to assist those in need with our expertise in maritime law and our commitment to achieving justice for our clients. Contact Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. today at 877–233–1238 for a compassionate, free, and confidential consultation.

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