Category: Boating Accidents

17 Dead in Catastrophic Duck Boat Accident

Late last week, a chartered duck boat sank in Table Rock Lake during a severe thunderstorm, resulting in the death of 17 people.

Men Rescued by Adventure of the Seas After 23 Days At Sea

Most people do not consider cruise ships to be the emergency responding vessel of choice. However, this week, the Adventure of the Seas rescued two men who had been stranded on their fishing boat for 23 days, proving that cruise ships may be more multi-purpose than you thought.

Queen Mary 2 Rescues Yachtsman in the Atlantic Ocean

When most people think of a rescue mission at sea, they do not think that a cruise ship may be the vessel that arrives to save the day. However, in a harrowing tale from the Atlantic Ocean, the Queen Mary 2 did just that, stepping in to rescue a yachtsman stranded after a hurricane damaged his boat.

Boating Accident Kills Recent University of Miami Graduate and Injures Others

Boating accidents are not an issue to be taken lightly. Although most people assume that a day of recreational water sports is just fun and games, the death of a recent UM graduate reminds us that tragedy can strike on the water when you least expect it.

Dog Rescued After Overboard Boating Accident

Four ways to protect your pet while at sea to prevent a boating accident or overboard tragedy. Luna’s owner thought …