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Port of Los Angeles: Everything You Need to Know Before Your Cruise

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Cruise Ship In The Port Of Los Angeles

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Nothing says luxury quite like a cruise. A few weeks at sea with all the amenities you could ask for may sound like a dream come true. This is why Los Angeles’s port has multiple docks for various cruise ships. In fact, LA sees hundreds of cruises leave their docks every year.

Whether you are planning your next cruise, or whether you are researching your best options for cruise lines and ships, check out some of the most important details about the LA port that provides the most traffic for cruise lines in the area. You can also take this time to be aware and assured that you have options to take action if something goes wrong and you need an experienced and regarded cruise ship accident lawyer on your side.

LA’s Port for Cruise Ships

LA is a hub of industry, entertainment, and luxury. A strong cruise program is just one part of that. LA’s port has not only port space for cruise lines, but has multiple options for cruises to dock. In fact, cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean International, and Princess Cruises embark on their journeys from this very port.

At the Port of Los Angeles, you can set sail from the World Cruise Center. This center includes berths 91 through 93 of the port and offers parking, terminal buildings, and an expedited customs security clearance and handling area, making it as quick and easy as possible for you to get to your cruise.

How Many Cruises Have Departed from LA in Recent Years?

When choosing a great destination for a cruise, LA is a perfect starting point for its ease of access and for its massive number of cruise lines and companies. Hundreds of cruises leave Los Angeles every year, and that number seems to gear up every year, especially as pandemic regulations have been relaxed.

In fact, many luxury cruise lines have successfully ramped up a comeback since 2021, with cruising demand now at record highs. now includes cruising options from 11 cruise brands. Because of the massive amount of options, you have your choice of destinations for all over the world.

LA’s Typical Cruise Ship Schedules

LA’s cruise ships offer destinations all over the world from the Port of Los Angeles. If you are planning to stay in America, you have options like Hawaii, Alaska, or anywhere along the California coast.

For those who are a little more adventurous, there are many international options for cruises. That includes Mexico, Catalina, and beyond. These cruises offer an excellent opportunity to explore exciting locals that you would not otherwise have access to, giving you exciting new opportunities for vacation, enrichment, and relaxation.

What can you expect from the World Cruise Center schedule? Below are a few key elements, including exciting destinations and plans for you to choose from if you plan to take a cruise this summer or winter.

Summer Plans

If you have not yet made summer plans, consider that many excellent cruise options are waiting for you at the Port of Los Angeles. These cruises will be taking off from the port and heading all over the world. That includes trips to Mexico, the Caribbean, and even Europe.

The Navigator of the Seas with Royal Caribbean International will be making several voyages throughout the summer. You have plenty of options no matter what your destination. One of the most prominent lines available this summer is Princess Cruises. The Emerald Princess offers multiple options for cruises to South America, Antarctica, the Caribbean, and more.

Winter Season

For those looking to set sail in 2024, you have plenty of options for beautiful destinations in much warmer climates. Carnival Cruise line will be offering at least three cruises leaving from the Long Beach terminal, traveling to Catalina Island, The Mexican Riviera, and Baja Mexico.

You can also take a cruise for up to seven nights to the Mexican Riviera on the Navigator of the Seas with Royal Caribbean International. This ship has a capacity of up to 3,000 guests.

Other cruise lines include Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Viking Ocean Cruises, and Celebrity Cruises. These offer options for up to 32 nights, depending on your preferred destination.

LA Plays a Vital Role for Princess in Upcoming Years

One of the most exciting updates to the Port of Los Angeles is the connection to Princess Cruises. That connection will play a vital role in the cruise line company’s growth in the upcoming year. Los Angeles is a great starting point for many companies because of its excellent location. It provides access to the Pacific Ocean, which allows cruise lines to offer access to exciting locals like South America, Antarctica, and more.

Princess Cruises is working to grow once more following the lifting of any pandemic restrictions, and that includes partnering closely with LA. In fact, the Port of Los Angeles has issued a request for proposals to develop a new cruise terminal and redevelop the cruise center to help support this growth.

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Taking a cruise can be an exciting experience. Being on the water for days to weeks can be a new experience that gives you access to new locations and exciting opportunities that staying on shore cannot. It can also give you a taste of luxury while you relax between ports.

In the meantime, keep in mind that you have many options with Los Angeles as your port of call for your next cruise. Whether you plan to take a leisurely trip up the coast, or if you are traveling all the way across the sea, check out LA’s offerings as a mainstay in destiny cruise opportunities.

However, accidents do happen, and you may have been hurt on a cruise ship. If you have been injured, or if you are worried about being injured on a cruise ship, know that you do have legal options on your side when something goes wrong. The legal team at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. has the tools you need to step in, gather evidence, and file a claim if you are injured on a cruise line.

While cruises should be safe, know that you do have options if something does go wrong. If you or someone you love has been critically injured in a cruise ship accident of any kind, do not hesitate to contact us to request a confidential and free consultation by phone at 877-233-1238 or through our secured contact form with one of our highly experienced cruise ship accident attorneys.

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