Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an attractive place for cruise ships to stop. In fact, it is one of the most visited vacation destinations in the Caribbean, according to the Dominican Consulate. The Dominican Republic is known for its white sand beaches, as well as for its thriving economy and advanced infrastructure. The Dominican Republic has the ninth largest of the Latin American economies and has the largest economy within the Central American and Caribbean regions.

Unfortunately, the Dominican Republic has high levels of income inequality, as well as a thriving drug trade with up to eight percent of all cocaine smuggled into the U.S. coming through the Dominican Republic. There has been controversy in the past because violent criminals are often given short prison sentences and the high crime rates mean visitors to the Dominican Republic sometimes become victims of rape or assault while participating in shore excursions.

The risk of rape on a cruise ship is always present as well, particularly on ships that originate in the Dominican Republic, dock in the Dominican, and even those that are passing through and only stopping briefly. When a rape or sexual assault happens, victims need to know their rights.

Cruise Ship Rape Risks in the Dominican Republic

Cruise lines have been helping to develop the Dominican Republic as a prime cruising destination. Amber Cove, for example, was developed near the town of Puerto Plata and cost an estimated $85 million. It features shops, bars, restaurants, a pool with a swim up bar, and a large transportation area providing access to excursions throughout the Dominican Republic.

While it is great for cruise lines to focus on improving tourist experiences, cruises may sometimes neglect basic security measures as they spend time and money on flashy attractions to advertise. Cruise passengers who experience rape or sexual assault due to security issues may be surprised at how little attention was paid to protecting them from becoming victims or providing services or assistance after a rape occurred. Cruise lines have an obligation to passengers to take issues like security into account, and can be held accountable for their failures in this realm

Even reporting rape or sexual assault while abroad can be very complicated and victims need to make sure they reach out to a legal professional with experience in cruise ship rape cases as soon as they can so they can find out how best to preserve evidence. Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. makes it easy to call even from overseas, so you should reach out to speak with a cruise ship rape lawyer on our legal team as soon as you become a victim of a sexual assault.

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