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Arizona Boater Charged With Operating Under the Influence Following Fatal Maritime Accident


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Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. is made up of attorneys who are nationally recognized industry leaders in the field of maritime and admiralty law. Our team of cruise lawyers has well over two centuries of combined experience, has successfully handled over 3,000 cases, and has recovered over 300 million dollars in damages for our clients. Several of our attorneys have even been selected to “Best Lawyers” ® by US News & World Report every year as far back as 2016.

Having represented victims of maritime accidents since 1971, each boating accident lawyer at our firm, Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A., has seen a fair share of tragic incidents on the high seas. Unfortunately, a large number of these accidents are caused by someone’s negligence or wrongdoing. Not every boater abides by proper maritime safety instructions and regulations, leading to serious or even fatal accidents.

While victims don’t always obtain justice for their pain and suffering, one Arizona man has been charged with his role in a fatal boat crash last year which took place on Lake Havasu. The accident led to the death of a California resident.

According to the Mohave County Attorney’s Office, Richard Allen Timmsen, a 26-year-old man from Mesa, Arizona, is now facing charges of felony endangerment and operating the boat while impaired by drugs, also known as Boating Under the Influence, or BUI. BUI is one of the leading causes of boating accidents in the United States, leading to severe injuries, and in this case, a fatality, because of impairment.
The accident in question took place on March 24, 2012, and claimed the life of 21-year-old Dwarkesh Prasannavathanam, of Long Beach, California.

Prasannavathanam was riding on an inner tube that was being pulled behind the boat Timmsen was operating. Prasannavathanam, who was apparently not wearing a life jacket, fell off the inner tube at some point while Timmsen was piloting the vessel and drowned in the north basin of the lake, which lies between the Arizona-California border. Prasannavathanam’s body was not discovered until over a week later on April 2.

Following an extensive investigation, the intoxicated charges were brought against Timmsen. It is unclear as to whether or not Timmsen has yet hired an attorney to represent him, but the family of the deceased can also seek legal help of their own.

Our boating accident lawyers are available to help surviving victims and the loved ones of those who have perished at sea at the hands of a negligent pilot obtain justice for the tragedy they have suffered. When a maritime accident is the result of someone’s wrongdoing or criminal activity, the victims may be entitled to compensation, including money damages, medical care and property damage reimbursement. BUI is one of the main causes in boat-related accidents and our attorneys work diligently to help protect victims’ rights.

Those who are found guilty of BUI are responsible for the accidents they cause and our attorneys seek to make sure they are held liable for their crimes. If you or someone you know was hurt or killed in a boating accident, turn to the Lipcon Law Firm today to discuss your options with one of our lawyers and learn about your rights as a boat accident victim.

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