Thousands of people travel to Colombia each year on a cruise ship in search of a unique vacation experience. Colombia offers several ports of call for cruisers to enjoy, including the popular city of Cartagena. Unfortunately, despite Colombia’s exotic, historic, and cultural appeal, the South American country has often shown to be a dangerous place for cruise passengers to visit. Cruise passengers have often been the victims of robberies, assault, and other violent crimes, even while on a shore excursion offered by the cruise line.

Though victims may attempt to seek justice, cruise lines often include stipulations in their passenger ticket contracts that limit their liability for accidents and crimes while in port or during an excursion. Even worse, many foreign shore excursion operators contend that they do not have ties to the United States, which would otherwise render an American Court’s jurisdiction over a case.

Following a crime or accident in a foreign country, victims may be left feeling as though they have no recourse. However, an experienced cruise ship injury attorney with extensive knowledge of International Maritime Law can effectively evaluate a case and provide victims with the superior legal counsel they deserve to obtain justice for the wrongs they have suffered.

Protecting Cruise Passenger and Crew Member Rights

Although many cruise ship accidents and crimes involve passengers, several involve cruise ship crew members and staff. While visiting foreign ports like Colombia, crew members can suffer injuries both on board a ship, while performing tasks pertaining to docking procedures, or may become the victims of a violent assault during the port call. There are also times when a passenger or crew member suffers a medical emergency while sailing in international waters or at a foreign port, and are denied the right to obtain adequate medical care or compensation for their land or shipboard-related injuries. When cruise lines fail to maintain the safety of their passengers and crew, an attorney skilled in international maritime and admiralty law can protect the victim’s rights.

Though major cruise lines may attempt to avoid responsibility of accidents and crimes that involve passengers and crew members, they may still be held responsible for incidents that result from negligent safety operations. A well-informed lawyer can guide victims through the legalities of their individual situations and use their knowledge of international maritime law to recover damages resulting from cruise line safety violations.

Obtaining Justice Following a Cruise Ship Accident or Injury

Whether you are a cruise passenger who has been the victim of a robbery or sexual assault on a ship, or a crew member who has been denied your right to medical care and wages pertaining to an occupational injury, you need a law firm on your side who has extensive experience in maritime and admiralty law and who can successfully represent your case.

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