Venezuela is home to several seaports, terminals, harbors, and beaches, and as such, there are numerous opportunities for maritime accidents to occur. Due the high number of commercial maritime traffic, oil exports, and aquatic activities, Venezuela has seen its fair share of accidents, both in open waters and in port. Many of these accidents result from the unseaworthiness of a vessel, whether because the vessel’s owner failed to properly maintain equipment in safe working condition, because of operator inexperience, or due to careless actions, such as speeding or alcohol intoxication. Others are caused by unsafe conditions at a dock or pier, including faulty machinery, unskilled dock workers, slippery surfaces, and unsecured cargo.

Because the laws that govern maritime incidents in Venezuela vary widely from those in the United States, sadly, victims don’t always obtain swift justice for their injuries, even when the accident was the direct result of someone’s wrongful actions. If you have suffered an accident in open waters or on land at a Venezuelan port, Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. is here to help. Our maritime attorneys can assist you in filing a claim and work diligently to recover due compensation for your injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, or the loss of a loved one.

Why Maritime Accident Victims Should Seek Legal Counsel

A maritime accident can occur for numerous reasons. Whether the vessel involved in the incident was a cruise ship, cargo ship, or recreational water craft, or even if the accident occurred in port, it’s important for anyone who has suffered a maritime-related injury to know that they have rights, especially when the accident occurs in foreign waters. Many who are involved in boat and ship accidents do not come forward with their claims because they fear their rights will not be upheld. However, working with a lawyer who is experienced in Maritime and Admiralty Laws, especially International statutes, can drastically increase your chances of obtaining a positive outcome for your case.

The attorneys at our firm have extensive experience litigating cases involving all branches of Venezuela Maritime Law, including those pertaining to:

  • Cruise ship accidents
  • Cargo vessel injuries
  • Crew member claims
  • Vessel collisions
  • Oil rig and tanker accidents
  • Dock injuries
  • Pleasure craft accidents (yachts, motor boats, jet skis)

We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case so your rights and those of your loved ones will be upheld.

Our Lawyers are Ready to Assist Right Now

When it comes to filing a foreign maritime case, time is of the essence. If too much time has elapsed between the moment of injury and the moment you contest your accident, your case may not be admitted in court. This is why it is critical for anyone who has suffered a maritime injury to retain legal counsel as quickly as possible. The sooner you seek legal help, the faster you will be on your road to obtaining justice for your accident.

Regardless of whether you were hurt in a pleasure craft accident, such as on a jet ski or motor boat, or aboard a large commercial craft, like a barge or cargo vessel, our firm can help you understand your legal rights under International Maritime Law and assist you in filing a claim. If you or someone you love was involved in a maritime accident in Venezuela, contact our firm to schedule a FREE, no obligation consultation today to discuss your available options.