There are three main ports in El Salvador: La Unión, La Libertad (port of San Salvador), and Acajutla. La Unión covers the eastern area, La Libertad covers the central area, and Acajutla, the main and busiest port, covers the western area of the nation. While the ports in El Salvador experience high traffic on a regular basis from both cruise ships and commercial vessels, unfortunately, the Central American country also sees an alarming number of maritime accidents. Salvadorian ports are not as strictly regulated, and as a result, are home to numerous safety violations and crimes. Dock workers and crew members are often exploited and sustain life-threatening injuries, cruise travelers have been the victims of violent crimes, and maritime ports are also notorious for drug trafficking.

Luckily, anyone who has suffered an accident or crime at sea or in port has the right to seek legal counsel. The maritime and admiralty lawyers at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. have been representing crew and passenger claims for over 40 years and are committed to helping victims obtain justice for maritime-related incidents in El Salvador.

Dock Worker and Crew Member Claims

It is not uncommon for dock workers, longshoremen, and seamen to suffer occupational injuries while in the service of their vessel or while working in port. Commercial vessel operators don’t always abide by maritime safety laws in El Salvador, and often, ships and port conditions are subpar. Accidents can happen due to a number of factors, including crew member inexperience, fatigue from working extended hours without break, faulty or poorly maintained equipment, and overloaded cargo. Injured workers are often denied wages, proper medical care, and compensation for shipboard and dock-related accidents resulting from safety negligence.

Crew and worker safety isn’t always a priority in Salvadorian ports, docks, and aboard vessels, however, all seamen and longshoremen are entitled to a work environment that is safe and free of hazardous conditions. When safety is compromised, victims have a right to obtain legal counsel. Anyone who has been involved in a maritime-related accident in El Salvador has the right to turn to an attorney to protect their rights. An experienced lawyer can evaluate the circumstances surrounding the incident, protect crew member rights, and can also assist individuals who have lost a loved one in filing a wrongful crew member death claim.

Cruise Passenger Accidents and Crimes

While it is a popular destination for cruise travel, El Salvador is listed as one of the most dangerous countries in the world, with one of the highest violent crime rates. Cruise lines won’t always disclose travel warnings to passengers, and ports themselves can be a breeding grounds for tourist crimes and accidents due to a lack of port regulations. As a result, cruise passenger safety can be compromised.

Because the vast majority of cruise lines register their ships in foreign countries and impose ambiguous cruise passenger ticket contracts, it can be extremely difficult for injured passengers to obtain justice following a cruise accident or crime. Obtaining legal assistance with an attorney who knows and fully understands the complexity of the laws governing the cruise industry and cruise carrier liability can make a drastic difference in the outcome of a case.

Obtain Justice for Your Maritime Case

Whether you were denied your due wages and medical care as an injured crew member or suffered a passenger accident aboard a cruise ship, our firm can help you seek justice and due compensation. If you or a loved one were involved in port or ship accident in El Salvador, contact our attorneys today to schedule a free consultation so we can determine your rights and assist you in filing a case.