There are over 20 seaports in Romania, which makes the European nation one of the busiest in terms of maritime traffic. The country is also popular destination for cruise travel, with several major cruise lines and river cruise companies calling on ports like Constanta and exploring its waterways yearly. But while Romania has attracted visitors from around the world, frequent cruise travel has also contributed to a high volume of maritime accidents throughout the years.

In fact, the biggest maritime tragedy reported on the Danube River took place near Galati, Romania in 1989, when the MS OLTENITA passenger vessel was struck by a Bulgarian convey and capsized. The collision resulted in the deaths of at least 220 passengers and nine crew members. Sadly, this is just one of several incidents that have occurred in Romanian waters – many of which are the result of cruise operator negligence.

It is important that those who have been injured while aboard a cruise ship or passenger vessel in Romania understand that they have legal options, and can turn to a cruise accident attorney for assistance in filing a case. A lawyer who is well-versed in International Maritime and Cruise Ship Laws can defend a victim’s rights and will fight for the compensation they are rightfully due.

Steps to Take in the Aftermath of a Cruise Ship Accident

After an accident on a cruise ship, it’s normal for victims to feel confused and distraught. No one ever imagines that what is intended on being a fun or relaxing vacation can turn into a nightmare, but in reality, a vast number of cruises passengers experience injuries, illnesses, and even assault while on the high seas or in port. Immediately following the incident, victims should document the details of the incident and take photographs of the accident or area where the crime occurred. Afterward, victims should report the matter to cruise staff. If an injury was sustained, seek help with the onboard physician.

Unfortunately, things don’t always run as smoothly as they should on a cruise ship and accident victims often find themselves without much recourse while on board. Though cruise operators have a responsibility under Maritime Law to protect the safety of travelers and preserve the rights of those injured at sea while in their care, they often fail to do so. Crew members may not always file a report on the matter and may neglect to offer assistance or procure prompt medical care for victims – especially if the incident occurs in foreign waters. This is why it is imperative that all cruise accident victims seek help with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. From the moment a cruise lawyer is called, they will begin to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident and will start to build a claim on the victim’s behalf.

The Difference an Experienced Attorney Can Make in a Cruise Accident Case

Maritime Laws are extremely intricate, especially those pertaining to cruise accidents on foreign waters. Safety regulations in Romania aren’t as strict as those in the United States, and can be difficult for victims to interpret on their own. By working with an attorney who has experience handling foreign maritime claims and who understands the complex language of the law and how it benefits those who are injured at sea, victims can rest easy knowing their right to justice will be upheld.
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