France is a popular destination for cruise passengers who want to explore Europe by sea. Marseille is the largest cruise ship port in France, with more than 1.5 million cruise passengers a year passing through. Unfortunately, some of these passengers will see their dream European vacation turn into a terrible nightmare if a tragic accident occurs or acts of violence take place that cause injury or death.

A maritime attorney can provide legal representation to victims injured on cruise ships departing from or passing through French ports. The Port of Marseille is also more than just a tourist destination – it is the main French trade seaport. That being the case, those who sustain injuries while performing work in this seaport can also seek legal advice from a skilled attorney who understands all laws applicable to injuries on boats leaving from or arriving in France.

Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. has represented many clients in the U.S. and internationally who have sustained injuries and need aggressive and knowledgeable legal advice on how to fight for full and fair compensation. We have successfully handled vessel-related accidents in Marseille as well as other locations in France.

Maritime Injuries in France

Many different types of injuries can occur on French cruise ships or in French seaports. Some of the most common reasons why people are harmed while aboard a pleasure vessel or while working on a maritime offshore vessel include:

The European Cruise Council indicates there are 41 different cruise lines domiciled within Europe that collectively operate 120 cruise ships that can cater to up to 143,200 passengers at a time. There are another 25 non-European cruise lines that operate within Europe and accommodate an additional 97,000 passengers.

The process for taking legal action after maritime injuries is going to vary depending upon where the cruise line was domiciled, where and how the injury or illness occurred, and whether the injury happened while working or while on a cruise ship or other pleasure vessels.

Laws governing injury recovery in France can be different than those governing the process for obtaining compensation for injuries in the United States or in other countries. It is imperative victims have appropriate legal guidance in resolving their injury claims and getting the compensation they need when they have suffered harm.

How We Can Help

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