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Bahamas Tourist Sexually Assaulted by Jet Ski Operator


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Cruise ship rape warning: There are recent incidents involving the sexual assault of tourists in the Bahamas, and cruisers should exercise extra caution if sailing to the island nation.

cruise ship rape lawyersOur cruise ship rape lawyers have often discussed the dangers that can surround cruise ship shore excursions. However, it is also dangerous to select a tour in a foreign country, as many operators are not held to strict safety regulations. Though the lack of safety concerning shore excursions may lead to injuries, they can also lead to assault, including sexual assault.

Recently, we’ve come to learn about a tourist who was sexually assaulted in the Bahamas. The victim, a U.S. woman who was visiting Nassau for a weekend, was raped by a Jet Ski operator on Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island. The attack happened around 5 p.m. on Saturday, January 2nd.

As disturbing as this incident is, it’s not the only sexual assault to have occurred in the Bahamas as of late. According to The Nassau Guardian, there have been several other sexual crimes linked to Jet Ski operators in Nassau – particularly on Cabbage Beach.

The increase of sexual assaults on tourists has led to several tourism crime warnings. Many of these assailants are never caught, leaving victims without the opportunity to obtain justice for what they have suffered. Luckily, however, it appears as though the suspect was apprehended. As per an article on Tribune242, the alleged rapist was taken into custody and authorities are in the process of investigating the matter.

Following the sexual assault, Ed Fields, public relations chief for the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, expressed his concern for the safety of those on the island and called “for all of the relevant authorities to take aggressive and immediate action to ensure the suitability of all operators of watercraft that ply our waters, whether licensed or otherwise”.

But if the Bahamian government is taking these incidents seriously, why is it that similar crimes have already transpired?

Just last December, another Jet Ski operator was arrested in the Bahamas – also on grounds of allegedly sexually assaulting a female tourist. What makes matters worse is that this incident also occurred on Cabbage Beach.

Back in 2014, the U.S. government issued a travel warning for those who were considering traveling to the Bahamas. The warning made mention of the increasing number of crimes in the island nation, including sexual assaults. Many the sexual crimes were associated with water sport operators that were deemed “loosely regulated.”

The Bahamas are one of the most popular destinations for cruise travel, which means that anyone sailing to the islands may be at risk of becoming a victim of cruise ship rape or sexual assault. If you are planning on sailing to Nassau or any other Bahamian city, it’s important to be on your guard at all times.

To lower your chances of suffering a sexual attack, it’s best to travel in numbers, instead of venturing out on your own. Sexual predators are much less likely to strike if there are multiple people in a party. Also, try to opt for shore excursions that are close to the port. The further into a foreign country you head, the more likely a crime can happen, as there are less people around to monitor what’s happening.

In the event that you or someone you love becomes the victim of rape or sexual assault in a foreign country, notify the cruise line, local and FBI authorities, and contact a cruise ship rape lawyer to discuss your rights and options in filing a case.

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