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Carnival Cruise Accidents: Should You Be Concerned?

Whether we like it or not, accidents aboard cruise ships are a very real part of the cruise industry. And, in the past year, Carnival has been plagued with a series of tragic accidents at sea. Multiple passengers have fallen overboard, with some even falling to their deaths aboard the ships. So what does all of this mean for you? Is it still safe to set sail with Carnival? We’ll explain the current situation, so you can embark on your next Carnival cruise, stress free.

Northeast Harbor, Maine Opposes Potential Cruise Ships

Cruise ships can bring great economic benefit to a port of call. However, if residents of the town disapprove, and the presence of cruise ships presents potential safety hazards, it may not be the best plan, after all.

Cruise Passengers Killed In Bus Crash During Excursion

This week, one cruise passenger was killed and nine others were injured in a crash during their on-shore excursion. Is it time to increase safety and screening procedures for this aspect of the cruise experience?

Hurricane Nicole vs. Cruise Lines

Hurricane Nicole poses a significant threat to life and property in Bermuda. Our maritime lawyers explain.