Category: Cruise Ship Accidents

Inland Cruise Ship Taken to Sea, Runs Aground

This week, Filipino authorities have been monitoring an inland cruise ship that ran aground while traversing ocean waters.

Greek Passenger Ferry Runs Aground in Rafina

Early this week, 215 passengers were evacuated from a Greek ferry that ran aground in the port of Rafina. The cause is believed to be mechanical failure.

Passenger Ferry Runs Aground in Ibiza

Late last week, 175 passengers were evacuated from a ferry that ran aground in San Antoni port in Ibiza. The cause of the accident is unknown.

Carnival Cruise Accidents: Should You Be Concerned?

Whether we like it or not, accidents aboard cruise ships are a very real part of the cruise industry. And, in the past year, Carnival has been plagued with a series of tragic accidents at sea. Multiple passengers have fallen overboard, with some even falling to their deaths aboard the ships. So what does all of this mean for you? Is it still safe to set sail with Carnival? We’ll explain the current situation, so you can embark on your next Carnival cruise, stress free.

Three Carnival Ships Rerouted Due to Tropical Storms in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico

The last thing you want on your vacation is to experience inclement weather. Especially when you’re on a cruise ship, a major storm can make for very uneasy seas and dangerous sailing conditions. Fortunately, when faced with two tropical storms this week, Carnival Cruise Line rerouted three of their ships to keep everyone out of harm’s way.