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Cruise Ship Crewmember’s Death No Longer Considered Suspicious


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An American cruise ship worker who was found dead onboard a Regent vessel while it was docked in Darwin, Australia was not believed to have been the victim of foul play. The victim, a 24-year-old woman who was believed to be the lead singer and dancer onboard Regent’s Seven Seas Voyager, was found dead on Sunday morning in the ship.

Initially, police believed the cruise ship crewmember death was suspicious and an autopsy was carried out. However, further findings have led authorities to believe that the death was accidental.

“The crime division are no longer treating the death as suspicious. However, a full brief will be provided to the coroner in due course,” explained Detective Superintendent James O’Brien in a statement. “Further toxicology results will be analysed in due course to determine the exact cause of death.”

According to Commander Richard Bryson of the Crime and Specialist Support Command, the crewmember’s body was discovered in her cabin.

“The woman was a staff member on a cruise ship which is currently moored in Darwin Harbour,” said Commander Bryson. “A crime scene was established as the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident continue.”

The Seven Seas Voyager has a crew of 447 and was serving around 700 passengers when the untimely death occurred. The victim has been identified as a performer for Jean Ann Ryan Productions named Jackie Kastrinelis. Allegedly, Kastrinelis had only been employed aboard the Seven Seas Voyager for a short period of time after performing on other Regent cruise ships, including the Navigator and Mariner.

Kastrinelis apparently had an accident during a rehearsal where she hit her head. She had been examined by the ship’s doctor and was given medicine. However, not much else is known as of yet regarding the extent of Kastrinelis’ head trauma or if she had any underlying medical conditions.

It is rumored that Kastrinelis was found after her fellow performers noticed she had not showed up for a scheduled workout at the ship’s gymnasium the previous day. Someone was sent to her cabin to find out why she had missed her workout and that was when her body was discovered.

Although Kastrinelis was treated by the vessel’s doctor, if it turns out that her death was the result of the medical staff’s negligence in properly diagnosing her or failing to see to it that she obtained further medical care, Kastrinelis’ surviving loved ones may be able to file a negligence lawsuit against Regent for her death.

Each crewmember has the right to be protected from harm while working on a cruise vessel, and when inadequate medical care is given, victims and their loved ones may be entitled to money damages for their pain and suffering.

Our crewmember accident attorneys have represented various types of cases involving the victims of cruise ship negligence and are available to help anyone who has been involved in a similar incident. Regent may be found at least partially responsible for this young woman’s tragic death, and it is in each accident victim’s best interest to consult with an experienced attorney in order to determine what their rights are and how best to file a case against those responsible for the accident or ensuing injuries and complications.

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