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Our Firm Files Two Wrongful Death Lawsuits Against NCL for Crewmember Deaths

Our firm recently filed two wrongful death lawsuits against Norwegian Cruise Line, after two crewmembers were killed during safety drills in the summer of 2016. This fatal incident is just one in a long series of lifeboat catastrophes aboard cruise ships.

Two Women Medevaced From Carnival Pride, Six Hours Apart

Medevac rescues are fairly common at sea. When a passenger or crewmember aboard a cruise has a medical concern that exceeds what the on board medical professional is approved to treat, it is necessary to call in a medevac team so that the ailing individual can be taken to a nearby hospital. This week, not one but two women required medevac assistance from the same ship–the Carnival Pride–on the same day, just six hours apart.

Our Firm Obtains a $3.3 Million Dollar Verdict on Behalf of a Honduran Seaman

When you are injured on the job, your employer is obligated to provide the proper care and treatment so that you can heal. When this does not happen, speaking with a trusted attorney can ensure that justice is served. This week, our firm obtained a $3.3 million dollar settlement on behalf of a Honduran seaman whose job-related injury resulted in disability.

Family Of Deceased Cruise Singer Seeks Closure After Four and a Half Years

Becoming the victim of accident, injury or wrongful death at sea is not a situation for which anyone can ever fully prepare. However, when tragedy strikes, you may assume and hope that the cruise line and local authorities will do what they can to help you achieve closure. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. This week, an unresolved death at sea came back into light, illuminating the challenging process that can be involved when a loved one dies aboard a cruise.

Drug Bust Aboard the Island Princess Delayed Departure by Several Hours

When you think of a cruise vacation, illegal narcotics probably do not come to mind. However, this week, that’s exactly what many passengers aboard the Island Princess were likely thinking about, as a search of their ship turned up an undisclosed quantity of drugs. Three crewmembers were arrested and charged with possession.

London Law Enforcement Stages Anti-Terrorist Drill on Sightseeing Cruise

Terrorism against cruise ships is not out of the question, so it’s important that the authorities know how to respond in times of emergency. This week, London law enforcement stepped up to the plate, proactively conducting a live drill on a Thames sightseeing ship.

Crewmember Killed In Explosion Aboard Emerald Princess in New Zealand

Crewmembers are at just as much risk of injury aboard cruise ships. This week, a crewmember aboard the Emerald Princess was killed during a lifeboat reinflation. The case raises red flags as to whether proper procedures are in place to protect employees.