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Hulk Hogan Injured in Boating Accident After Vessel’s Windshield Explodes


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boating accidentHulk Hogan is no stranger to boating. The former pro wrestler was involved in a boating accident this weekend that left him “bloody,” but after being seriously hurt in another maritime incident earlier this year, our boating accident lawyers here at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. have to wonder if the Hulk is adequately checking his boat and its equipment before each time he ventures out on it as all experienced and cautious mariners should do.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea, turned to Twitter on Sunday to post about the accident, writing, “How come every time we go out on the boat someone ends up bleeding?”

The 60-year-old then explained that he ended up “covered in blood” after the vessel’s windshield exploded. A boat’s windshield doesn’t just explode out of nowhere so we have to wonder whether there was something wrong with the windshield before he left port or whether something impacted it during the voyage. Hogan mentioned the boat was going pretty fast and wind speeds were strong, but windshields are designed to handle a boats top speed and then some so until a forensic examination of the vessel and the windshield is completed all anyone can do is speculate. Something we as lawyers do not like to do.

Though Hogan said he wasn’t using his fastest boat and no pictures of the damaged vessel or his injuries, were posted on Hogan’s Twitter account, but he is no stranger to recovering from serious injuries as evidenced by his prior ill fated, boating encounter of which he did post pictures showing him with severe burn injuries. That particular accident took place in May, when the radiator on the vessel he was riding in exploded. Hogan was apparently close to the radiator when it blew up, so close in fact, that it exploded right on his hand and sent him to an emergency room in Tampa, Fl with what appeared to be at least 2nd degree burns.

The Hulk likes to post to Twitter. He turned to the popular social media account and posted some rather graphic pictures of his injured left hand, which was covered in large blisters from the burn.

“Just had a radiator explode on my hand, OUCH,” Tweeted Hogan, along with several gruesome pictures of his wounds, one of which featured the caption, “would you like it rare?”

Though the Hulk was joking about the injuries, the pictures he posted were a little too grotesque for some of his fans, which led Hogan to issue an apology. Perhaps that is why he has not posted pictures of his new accident.

Hogan can be grateful that no other vessels were involved in either of the Hulk’s accidents mentioned above or he might be having to deal with personal injury lawsuits against him rather than just insurance claims against his carriers.

It’s important for everyone to be cautious when operating a vessel – even if you are the 300-plus pound Hulk.  Each boating accident lawyer at our firm knows that spending time on the waters can be fun, but it’s better to be prudent and check out your vessel each time you are going to use it than to leave it to chance and maybe end up in an emergency room like the Hulk. We hope all boaters enjoy their activities safely and abide by state maritime laws, including maintaining a safe speed and distance from other boaters or personal water craft users, paying full attention to surroundings at all times, and especially refraining from consuming alcohol while operating a vessel.

Boating accidents can happen even to the most experienced and cautious of operators, but by maintaining reasonable speed and practicing boating safety, the risk of serious injuries can be reduced.


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