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Nanny Missing on Disney Cruise


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Police crime sceneThe opportunity to take a cruise vacation does not happen every day. In fact, for most people, this chance is only viable about once a year, if at all. Many plan their cruise vacations months in advance, watching the days roll closer and the anticipation build as the departure date draws near.

If you work on a cruise ship, however, the excitement of setting sail on the open seas may not be anything to write home about. After all, cruise ship crewmembers spend all day, every day, aboard these giant vessels. So, chances are that the feeling of cruise ship adventure may have lost its sparkle.

We are always very grateful to the men and women who make the cruise ship experience seamless and enjoyable. Without them, your time on the water may not be as pleasant as you had hoped! So we are always devastated to hear of an accident involving one of these hardworking, and often under-appreciated employees.

A recently re-opened case out of England sheds light on the problem of ensuring that cases of crewmember disappearance are investigated to the fullest.

Five Years Later: A Case Never Closed

In 2011, 24 year-old Rebecca Coriam went missing while working on a Disney cruise ship. The cruise nanny’s body was never found. Disney maintains that she was swept overboard by a freak wave and police in the Bahamas, where the ship was registered, claim that her disappearance was “not suspicious.”

Miss Coriam’s family was not satisfied with that response, especially due to the fact that her credit card, which was not found in her belongings, was used two months after her disappearance. However, due to the fact that the ship was not in British waters, Scotland Yard was not allowed to investigate.

Now, it seems, this story could be taking a turn. The re-opened case has the potential to turn up new evidence. And, if the evidence is striking enough, Bahamian officials could be persuaded to allow British police to investigate.

Our condolences go out to the family of Miss Coriam, as they search for some sort of closure to this very painful chapter in their lives.

Still Seeking Closure

However, we cannot help but to wonder if the loopholes that have prevented Scotland Yard from investigating could be addressed? In this case, it sounds as though Disney jumped to the freak wave explanation out of a desire to close the case and keep investigations and, perhaps, inconveniences, short.

Unfortunately, when it comes to loss of life, shortcuts should not be an option. The family of the deceased has a right to do everything in their power to find out what happened to their daughter. And we hope that British police will be allowed to probe further into this mysterious disappearance.

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