Category: Maritime Law

Cruise Ship Safety as Hurricane Matthew makes Landfall

With Hurricane Matthew scheduled to arrive in the Caribbean, many cruise ships have re-routed their ships in order to avoid potentially hazardous conditions. Our maritime lawyers explain the issue.

Nanny Missing on Disney Cruise

After years of silence, a case involving a missing nanny on a Disney cruise was reopened. British authorities hope to convince Bahamian police to allow them to investigate further.

Cruise Preparation at the Port

Planning a cruise vacation begins well before you book your trip! Read on for a behind the scenes understanding of what goes into planning a port.

The Truth About Offshore Accidents

Offshore accidents can result in serious injuries for crew members or even death. Unfortunately, the truth about these types of …

Are Cruise Passengers at Risk for Dengue Fever?

Our maritime lawyers have come to learn that Hawaii has recently called in the Centers for Disease Control to investigate …

Emission-Free Cruise Ship Too Good to Be True?

Aside from the overall accident and crime rate, one of the most controversial issues surrounding the cruise industry is pollution. …

Are You at Risk of Contracting a Waterborne Illness?

Brain-infecting amoebas, flesh-eating bacteria, gastrointestinal viruses, oh my! If you read the news closely these days, you might believe that …