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Monaco Yacht Show to Showcase Luxurious Vessels, But is Boating Safety a Priority?


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Monaco Yacht ShowSo you’ve got millions to spare and a love of open waters, now what? When you have all the money in the world to spend on marine gear and expensive vessels, the sky’s the limit. If you happen to have the funds and are in the mood to shop for a new luxury boat, you’re in luck; it’s Monaco Yacht Show season.

From September 23rd to the 26th, the world’s most extravagant and opulent yachts will be on display at the 25th annual Monaco Yacht Show. This year, the event promises to showcase even more incredible superyachts, with around 100 vessels, available both for charter and sale.

If you’re in search of a luxury yacht, every detail matters—from the champagne available on board, to the type of lighting you’re using, to the kind of crystal you use to serve your caviar. The best part about the Monaco Yacht show is that it features everything a wealthy mariner’s heart can desire, from the yachts themselves to accessories like fine linens and silverware. An estimated 500 of the world’s leading yachting companies will be exhibiting their high-end goods at this year’s yacht show.

Among the impressive vessels to be featured at the show include the Suerte, a 227-foot yacht. This marine masterpiece is available for charter and features a slew of incredible amenities, such as a sauna, elevator, tender garage, swimming pool, and – most extraordinary of all – a helicopter landing pad.

But what if you are tired of the average luxury yacht? What else is on the market?

Well, you can always opt for a submarine vessel. Submarine ships are becoming more popular. A new submarine yacht comes complete with staterooms, pool, sun deck, library, gym, and game room. You can play your own live-action game of Clue while reaching depths of up to 240 meters. Not too shabby.

Want something that can take you from sea to land seamlessly? Try the Iguana Yacht. This unique amphibious vessel can tread sand bars and even travel on land. Buyers can customize their vessel with personalized features, including leather seats, sun lounges, hard tops, and more.

Other new toys released recently include submersibles that look like they’ve just come out of a Back to the Future shoot. They promise users the chance to dive beneath the waves in futuristic-looking two-person vessels.

It seems that if you have the money and the desire, there is a marine toy out there just for you. Of course, with all these boat options, our boating accident lawyers can’t help but wonder about safety. Sure, a lot of thought and time have gone into the design and intriguing features offered on these newest elite and luxurious vessels, but how much time has been dedicated to ensuring their safety?

Submarines and amphibious vessels aren’t among the world’s most common types of vessels that people applying for a boat safety course would learn how to operate. Hopefully, those who are spending the money on these expensive and out-of-the-ordinary vessels are also investing the time to learn how to operate them properly.

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