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MTN Extends Maritime Communications Contract With Norwegian Cruise Line


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In an effort to continue providing passengers and crew members with the latest technology and communication systems, MTN Satellite Communications (MTN) has extended its contract with Norwegian Cruise Line for an additional five years. MTN, a global provider of maritime communications, connectivity and content services to remote locations across the globe, was the first company to offer a stabilized Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite solution for ships at sea. The company has largely contributed to the evolution of the satellite industry as well and has been working with Norwegian for 21 years. Among its many innovations, MTN has enabled VSAT communications, crew calling, Internet services, and other communication solutions for Norwegian cruise ships.

“Throughout our 21-year partnership, MTN has been committed to the highest standard of excellence when it comes to providing reliable and comprehensive communications services to our passengers and crew,” said Norwegian senior vice president and CIO Vincent Cirel. “MTN is always willing to test innovative new ideas that help keep our company at the forefront of maritime communications for our guests and crew members. Their longevity and dedication to the cruise industry is truly unmatched and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership.”

MTN and Norwegian began working together in 1991, when the communications company provided the Seaward with bandwidth. Throughout the years, both companies have shared many industry firsts, including the creation of crew calling and the launch of the first Internet access and Internet cafes at sea. By extending the contract, MTN will continue to provide Norwegian with a vast range of communication services so both passengers and crew members can have access to Internet and Wi-Fi services on their Smart phones and laptops.

In addition, new communication services will be offered, including MTN OceanPhone®, which enables reliable connectivity for crewmembers, as well as extensive MTN Worldwide TV™ programming, including E! Entertainment Television, CNBC, Fox News, and Sport 24, to name a few.

“Norwegian has taken amazing steps to better the passenger and crew experience, and we embrace their challenge to always be one pace ahead of their communications demands,” said Errol Olivier, president and CEO, MTN. “MTN values its customers and its own service team as seriously as Norwegian. This is a natural partnership for achieving Norwegian’s impressive connectivity milestones. MTN specializes in leveraging not just the bandwidth, but also throughput to fleets so every last gigabyte – and even terabyte – is optimized, resulting in service excellence and the best at-sea experience the industry has to offer.”

While Internet capabilities may be enhanced onboard Norwegian with the help of MTN, there are times in which connectivity is not available. Unfortunately, accidents on the high seas occur frequently, and with limited connectivity, it can be difficult to seek help. However, thanks to a new and innovative Smart phone app created by our maritime lawyers, passengers and crewmembers who are able to get a cell phone will now have access to key features that will help them in the event of an emergency onboard.

Cruise Ship Lawyer” is an app for Smart phone users that allows pictures of accidents or crime scenes to be taken and documented, as well as allows expenses to be logged and saved. The app even comes equipped with a Skype calling feature so users can contact our attorneys in case a medical emergency or a crime takes place.

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