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Incident Aboard Norwegian Pearl Raises Concerns About Cruise Doctor Competency

When Danielle and Brant Aymond embarked on their honeymoon to Honduras aboard the Norwegian Pearl, they had high hopes for what the journey would bring. Unfortunately, the trip became a painful nightmare, when Brant sliced open his foot on the coral reef and the cruise doctor sutured his foot–leaving pieces of the reef inside. Brant required emergency surgery to save his foot after the wound became infected. Now the couple is speaking out about the issue of insufficient standards for cruise medical professionals.

Two Recent Sexual Assaults Aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines Ships Result in Lawsuits

At this point, you are likely aware of the fact that cruise ship rape and sexual assault are the most common crimes at sea. However, did you also know that many of these traumatic incidents involve minors? This is the sad and shocking truth you should know before you depart. There were recently two sexual assault cases filed against Norwegian Cruise Lines. The latest one involves an Iowa family who has sued Norwegian Cruise Line for negligence that they believe led to the sexual assault of their 12-year-old daughter last year.

Norwegian Breakaway Sails Into Storm Grayson, Places Passengers At Risk

When a storm is projected to interfere with a cruise line’s itinerary, most people would assume that the cruise line would re-route the ship in order to keep passengers and crewmembers out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, this was not the case with the Norwegian Breakaway, which spent two days sailing directly through winter storm Grayson. Conditions aboard the ship were dire, with many wondering if they would make it to dry land.