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Norwegian Breakaway Sails Into Storm Grayson, Places Passengers At Risk


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Late last week, Norwegian Cruise Line made the decision to sail their ship, Norwegian Breakaway, through winter storm Grayson, the storm that dumped multiple inches of snow along the east coast’s tri-state area.

According to reports, the cruise spent two days, beginning on Tuesday January 2, traveling through the winds and swells caused by the storm. Many passengers who endured the experience are now calling it a “nightmare.” With ocean swells of up to 30 feet, water accumulating multiple inches in the rooms, leaking ceilings and the entire boat tilted at a severe angle, many passengers worried that they would not make it through.

To make matters worse, passengers explain that the captain did not clearly communicate the situation, leaving many fearing for their lives during those two harrowing days. Initially, when the cruise line was asked about its decision to sail directly into what was projected to be a powerful coastal storm, Norwegian Cruise Line apologized for delaying the next departure, but made no mention of or apology to the individuals who weathered the storm. The company later issued a statement of apology to those who were sent through the traumatizing sea conditions. However, many feel that this is not quite enough.

In the wake of this incident, we are glad to know that no one was seriously injured. However, the choice to take 4,000 passengers into a rough storm certainly opens up ample opportunity for something to go awry. Truthfully, the outcome could have been much worse than it was and the cruise line is lucky that everyone did return home as planned. However, taking passengers and crewmembers through dangerous waters never should have been part of the story.

There Is No Excuse for Putting Individuals In Harm’s Way

These days, weather reports are released early enough and tend to be accurate enough for a cruise line to see a projected storm and plan accordingly. Although leaving the destination a day early may not have been the most popular choice amongst guests, it would have been preferable to spending two days wondering if the ship was going to make it back to shore.

The unfortunate truth is that this is not the first time a cruise line has made the decision to jeopardize the safety of the individuals on board by sailing directly into a dangerous weather situation. In most cases, the cruise line is more concerned about its bottom line than protecting passenger and crewmember well being.  This was exactly the situation with the Anthem of the Seas disaster of 2016 where the cruise company recklessly ignored weather reports and sailed into the path of a hurricane. Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. successfully filed a class action on behalf of the passengers who were needlessly put in harms way.

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