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How Much Will Carnival Triumph Passengers Be Compensated After Enduring Unsanitary Conditions Onboard?


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It’s no secret that no one on the Carnival Triumph had a good time on the cruise vacation. After setting sail last week from Galveston, Texas, over 3,000 eager and excited travelers thought they were going to experience a relaxing, fun-filled Caribbean trip, but unfortunately, what they got was nothing short of a nightmare.

A fire erupted in the vessel’s engine room last Sunday, leading the vessel to lose power and become stranded at sea. The ship finally made its way back to land on Thursday, but while some passengers were more forgiving of the situation than others, the conditions experienced by everyone onboard the vessel were horrifying.

Between the non-working toilets, overflowing sewage and plastic bags that were handed out for defecation purposes, it is highly unlikely that Triumph guests will be giving any positive reviews about their cruise ship experience. But while Carnival has announced it will compensate passengers for the botched itinerary, is it going to be enough to cover all the damage that was done?

According to Gerry Cahill, President and CEO of Carnival, passengers who were onboard the Triumph when it lost power will obtain the following compensation for the cruise ship accident:

  • A full refund for the cruise
  • Future cruise credit to book an additional vacation
  • $500 per person
  • Free flight home
  • Refund for most onboard expenses

However, some passengers, like Norma Reyes, have stated they will never be going on another Carnival cruise vacation again after experiencing the horrendous conditions onboard, so future cruise credit isn’t very appealing, nor is it sufficient compensation.

There has yet to be a tally of how many Triumph cruise passengers became sick from the unsanitary conditions onboard. Waste from clogged toilets overflowed from one deck to another, even into some passenger cabins, creating the ideal breeding grounds for disease to spread.

Norovirus and Hepatitis are just two of the diseases that could have broken out amongst passengers on the vessel. These illnesses can lead to severe medical complications and even death.

The compensation offered by Carnival Corp. seems meager compared to the life-threatening situation everyone on board was placed in. In addition to the illnesses that could – and may – have been transmitted, passengers also went hungry from lack of provisions. All that was available to eat on the over 101,000-ton vessel were sandwiches made of onions, cucumbers and condiments. The stifling heat and lack of oxygen onboard due to the lack of electricity was also enough to lead passengers to faint or experience other medical complications.

To add to all this horror, the vessel docked in Mobile, Alabama when it was supposed to return to its homeport in Galveston, TX. While Carnival is offering guests a free ride home, are they going to compensate each passenger for lost wages due to a delayed return home to work? What about for any other important events passengers may have missed because the ship was three days late?

Carnival has yet to release information regarding injured or ill passengers, but the first thing Triumph travelers should do is seek medical attention on land and consult with a Carnival Triumph Lawyer to determine the full extent of the compensation they qualify for.

One of our attorneys, Michael A. Winkleman, discussed the right that passengers who were onboard the Triumph have to receive better compensation, saying the $500 Carnival has offered victims is “laughable.”

On an interview this morning on the Fox Network show Fox & Friends seen HERE, Mr. Winkleman explained that due to the hazardous conditions passengers were subjected to, including overflowing toilets and the risk of illness, they be able to obtain a larger recovery than Carnival has offered.

Our experienced attorneys here at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. have been brought many cases against Carnival Corp. over their negligence and wrongdoing, which has led to severe and fatal accidents onboard their vessels.
If you or someone you love were involved in the Triumph accident or another cruise ship accident, contact our firm today to discuss your options in filing a Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship Lawsuit.

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