Category: Cruise Ship Fires

Ferry Fire Forces Evacuation and Rule Changes

On Friday morning, December 14, Wight Sky — a large passenger and motor vehicle transport ferry operated by Wightlink — …

Cruiser Sets Underwear Aflame in Holding Cell

Earlier this week, a drunken passenger aboard a Finnish cruise ship set his underwear on fire, exposing others to a risk of injury.

What You Need to Know About Recent Cruise Ship Fires

A cruise ship fire puts passengers at serious risk of harm. A cruise ship accident lawyer discusses recent cruise ship fires and explains the rights of passengers when a fire occurs.

Cause of Le Boreal Cruise Ship Fire Confirmed

A mistake by a ship’s officer caused the Le Boral cruise ship fire in November 2015. New safety protocol should prevent a similar event from happening in the future. Our maritime attorney explains.

Passengers Flown Home After Cruise Fire

A fire in the engine room of a UK-based ship required the company to fly guests home. A maritime attorney explains the details.

A Look at Cruise Ship Fires

Cruise lines have a responsibility to ensure reasonable steps are taken to protect passengers from the risk of serious harm. …