Holland America Line Accident Attorney

Holland America Cruise Ship Accident LawyerHolland America Line promises the “experience of a lifetime” and urges passengers to “savor the journey.” Unfortunately, while promising travelers the opportunity to set sail to exotic destinations from Europe to South America and the Amazon to Alaska, Holland America’s promise has often resulted in both passengers and crew experiences injuries, assaults and even a disappearance.

Holland America Line, like other cruise lines, has an obligation to provide a safe working environment for crew members and a safe traveling environment for passengers. When the cruise line falls short, as it has done in the past, it can be held accountable. A maritime lawyer can provide assistance to victims who are harmed while working or sailing aboard a Holland America Line ship.


Cases Against Holland America Line

Holland America Line has had a number of problems in which passengers aboard its various ships were affected by sexual assault, and even a case where a passenger went missing. Passengers have been injured and hospitalized, and in one instance, a norovirus outbreak broke out aboard a Holland America ship.

When incidents like these occur, victims often seek justice and to do so turn to a qualified attorney to help them hold the cruise line accountable. Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. has provided legal representation in past cases against Holland America, including in BKR v. Holland America Line, which is a case in which a cruise ship doctor sustained injury while aboard the ship.

With our experience in handling cases against Holland America Line and other cruise ships, we can provide the representation you need, for your injuries.

Some of the types of cruise ship passenger injury cases we handle include:

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Holland America’s Fleet

Holland America Line is an American and British owned cruise line. While Holland America Line originated in the Netherlands and was a Dutch shipping line and passenger line until 1989, today it is a part of Carnival Corporation & PLC. After Carnival Corp purchased the Holland America Line in 1989, it moved their headquarters to Seattle.

Holland America Line has made substantial changes since being acquired by Carnival Corp and has become one of the world’s top cruise lines. In 2003, it launched a “Signature of Excellence” program focused on upgrading existing ships. Its current fleet, which includes many ships that have been provided with upgrades in recent years, includes:

  • MS Maasdam
  • MS Veendam
  • MS Rotterdam
  • MS Volendam
  • MS Zaandam
  • MS Amsterdam
  • MS Zuiderdam
  • MS Oosterdam
  • MS Westerdam
  • MS Noordam
  • MS Eurodam
  • MS Nieuw Amsterdam
  • MS Koningsdam
  • MS Prinsendam

Holland America also expects to launch an additional ship in November of 2018, which will be called the MS Nieuw Statendam.

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