Category: Cruise Ship Overboard Accidents

Search Ends for Missing Passenger Aboard Carnival Paradise

Last week, Brian Lamonds, a 50-year-old cruise passenger from Greensboro, NC, went missing from the Carnival Paradise. The Coast Guard spent 55 hours searching 3,059 square miles before making the difficult decision to call off the search.

Elderly Passenger Falls Overboard Sun Princess, Search Called Off

This week, an elderly male passenger, who was reportedly in his eighties, went missing from the Sun Princess as it was 100 nautical miles southeast of Singapore. After a thorough investigation of the area, the search was called off.

Saudi Cruise Passenger Jumps Overboard in Spain

Late last week, investigations into the mysterious death of Saudi cruise passenger Omar Salman Awadh Al-Matiri came to a close, confirming that no one else was involved in his death. Witnesses say Al-Matiri was depressed and in tears before he threw himself overboard.

Passenger Overboard: How Often Do Passengers Fall From Ships?

Are passenger falls from cruise ships common? A cruise ship injury lawyer offers insight into how frequently cruise ship passengers fall overboard and explains what happens when there is a passenger overboard.