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hyatt-hotel-logoLipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P. A. are the nation’s top-rated hotel accident and injury attorneys. We have more than 50 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured hotel guests and staff. We are committed to helping our clients bring the liable party to justice and access the compensation they are entitled to. We have eight office locations across the nation, led by 14 of the country’s leading hotel accident lawyers. We have recovered more than $300 million+ for our clients since we founded Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P. A. back in 1971. We have achieved numerous accolades and awards, including four of our personal injury lawyers being named to “Best Lawyers”® and our firm being named as one of the “Best Law Firms”® by US News & World Report every year for nearly a decade.

Whether you are a hotel employee or guest hoping to enjoy a relaxing vacation, when you suffer injuries on hotel property, you have the right to full compensation for your damages when someone else’s negligent actions are to blame. If the resort or hotel failed to maintain the safety of the premises, they could be held accountable for your suffering. Our team has a powerful success record and the skills needed to secure a favorable outcome in your case. Our hotel accident attorneys have spoken as experts on national talk shows and news networks regarding all aspects of maritime and personal injury laws. In fact, our law firm’s founding attorney Charles Lipcon is responsible for representing clients in landmark lawsuits across the country surrounding hotel injury lawsuits and insurance claims. Continue reading to learn more about how our hotel accident law firm can help you get through these difficult times. Contact us for a 100% free consultation today so we can get started on your case.

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With over $300 million recovered for clients and over 200 years of experience, choosing Lipcon, Margulies, Winkleman, P.A. is a simple decision. In addition to these impressive numbers, our law firm has been named to “Best Law Firms” ® by US News & World Report since 2016, and we are proud that US News & World Report has named three of our attorneys as “Best Lawyers” ® in America.

Since 1971, we have successfully represented numerous clients injured on land-based hotels and on cruise ships (floating hotels). And in these 50-plus years of experience and expertise, we have literally seen it all.  Hotels and resorts can be the site of trips and falls, slips and falls, accidental falls from buildings or downstairs, swimming pool-related accidents and drownings, electrical shocks, and any number of other accidents and injuries. Hotels and resorts don’t like getting bad publicity from incidents like these, but visitors need to be aware of vacation dangers and what to do if they fall victim.

Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt Hotels Corporation, also known as Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, is an American company that manages a number of luxury and business hotels, resorts, and vacation properties. Hyatt has been in business since 1957 and is headquartered in Chicago. The company has over 100,000 employees worldwide, employed at almost 900 properties in 60 countries. Hyatt includes 20 brands, including Grand Hyatt, Park Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt Place, and Hyatt House.

Hyatt, including their brands:

  • Park Hyatt
  • Andaz
  • Grand Hyatt
  • Hyatt Hotels
  • Hyatt Regency
  • Hyatt Place
  • Hyatt House
  • Hyatt Zilara & Ziva
  • Hyatt Residence Club

Recent Hyatt Hotel Accidents

Negligent Security At Hyatt In Bahamas Leads To A 15-Year-Old Being Raped

One of the many cases that our law firm is in the process of handling stems from a rape in the Bahamas that was, in part, due to the alleged negligent security provided by the Hyatt staff during the 15-year old victim’s stay at Baha Mar Resort in Nassau, Bahamas. The assailant was not a guest of the hotel, nor did he have any business being on the premises. In fact, he was a known drug dealer in the area and the victim’s parents allege in the criminal complaint that Hyatt knew or should have known his dangerous motive(s) that led to such a horrific event.

The family has filed a lawsuit based on the fact that there was virtually no security at the hotel to block the assailant’s attempt at entering the premises or to protect the underaged guest from this unwanted and violent intruder.

Situations like this happen all across the world, and victims often find that those responsible — in this case, the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Resort — fight aggressively against any attempt by a victim to recover fair compensation for their avoidable suffering. When working with an award-winning team like the lawyers at Lipcon, Margulies, and Winkleman, P.A., you can stay focused on healing from such a traumatic and painful event while we fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

California Boy Falls From 9th Floor of Hyatt Hotel in Mexico and Dies

In October of 2021, a 3-year old boy from California fell to his death from the 9th floor of the Hyatt Hotel in Puerto Vallarta while on a holiday trip with his parents. The boy slipped through a large gap between the metal safety bars of a railing on a balcony and was pronounced dead at the scene.

In situations where safety features like metal bars on balcony railings are faulty or defective, victims or the surviving family members can seek compensation from the at-fault party — commonly the property owner or manager depending on contractual agreements and expectations. Regardless of the party that is ultimately named in the civil complaint, though, it is important to work with a team of personal injury attorneys who will fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve by pursuing the maximum damages allowable under the law.

Losing a child due to something so easily avoidable is unacceptable, and those responsible must be held accountable for such an egregious failure to keep small children safe on the premises.

Boat Accident at Hyatt Hotels in West Maui, Hawaii

In 2007, a whale-watching catamaran operated by Hyatt Hotels encountered strong winds off Kahana Beach on West Maui. The crew reported by radio that the Ki’ele 5’s mast had snapped in the strong winds, stranding 55 people at sea. Witnesses said the catamaran was sinking, and many of the passengers were already in the water when other boats arrived to help. One passenger, a 48-year-old man from Illinois, was killed when he was struck in the head by the falling rigging, and two others were hospitalized with suspected hypothermia. Coast Guard officials who responded to the scene reported rough ocean conditions, including six-foot waves and 20 to 30 mph winds. Factors that would be relevantin a wrongful death suit would be whether or not the hotel allowed the excursion in unsafe conditions, whether the catamaran was properly maintained, and the level of experience of the boat operator.  Notably, this is a tragedy that covers the interplay between Maritime law and land based negligence laws, because the incident occurred on the water, but involved hotel guests.  This is precisely the type of legal interplay that we have predicated our firm’s tradition on.

Water Slide Accident at Hyatt Regency in Guam

In July 2020, a family from Michigan stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Guam. A boy in the family was using a water slide at the hotel when his finger was partially severed. The family filed a lawsuit against Hyatt, alleging that the hotel’s negligence and failure to properly maintain the water slide caused the boy’s traumatic amputation and the resulting permanent disfigurement. The lawsuit alleges that the water slides were improperly installed, the hotel did not provide adequate warning of hazards or instruct guests on the safe use of the slides, and no lifeguards were present to monitor patrons.  We have successfully handled many similar water park injury cases and they almost invariably involve a significant level of negligence of the part of the company running the water park.

Hotel Fall Accident at Hyatt Regency in Sydney, Australia

In May 2020, a 45-year-old woman fell to her death from the balcony of a Hyatt Regency hotel room in Sydney, Australia. The woman fell ten stories after being locked outside by her boyfriend after an argument. She had a history of depression and other mental health issues, and the couple’s relationship reportedly involved domestic violence. It was unknown whether the fall was accidental or intentional, but hotels have a duty to provide reasonably safe premises for their guests. Potential liabilities may be an unsafe height of the balcony railing, problems with the door lock, or other factors that may have caused or contributed to the incident.


What to Do if You’ve Been Injured at a Hyatt Hotel

If you are injured at a Hyatt property, you may be eligible for compensation. If you are a victim, seek medical attention as soon as possible, preserve any evidence that you can obtain of your injury and the environment that led to your injury, and finally, contact an experienced personal injury attorney for assistance.

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Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P. A. are proud to have attorneys on staff that have been selected as “Best Lawyers” 2016-2024 ® in America and named as “Best Law Firms” ® by US News & World Report as far back as 2016. Our leading hotel accident lawyers have handled more than 3,000 resort, hotel, and cruise ship accident claims, including a substantial number of landmark maritime injury lawsuits.

Our attorneys have more than 200 years of combined legal experience and are considered some of the top rated hotel injury attorneys in America. If you or someone you love was seriously injured or killed in a Hyatt hotel accident, our team is ready to help you demand justice. Call our office today at 877-233-1238 or fill out our convenient contact form to schedule your no-cost, risk-free consultation with a reputable personal injury attorney today.