Our Resort Accident Lawyers Help Injury Victims Recover Maximum Compensation When Westgate Resorts’ Negligence Causes Catastrophic Injuries and Death

Pool in a vacation resortLipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. are internationally recognized as top-rated resort and hotel accident attorneys. We have successfully won our clients over $300 million in trial verdicts and insurance settlements in our 200+ years of combined legal experience. Several of our hotel accident lawyers have been named to “Best Lawyers” ® in America and our law firm has been selected as one of the United States’ “Best Law Firms” ® by US News & World Report every year for nearly a decade.

When you or someone you love suffers critical injuries in a Westgate resort accident, it is critical to have an experienced legal advocate working for you. Since being founded back in 1971, our 50+ years in business have allowed us to expand to 8 office locations across the country. No matter which Westgate resort you are visiting, we are equipped and ready to help you hold at-fault parties accountable. We have 17 full-time hotel accident and personal injury lawyers ready to help you maximize your financial compensation. You should feel confident in your legal representation, and with Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A., you can. We have regularly appeared on nationwide and international news programs and television shows as experts in maritime injuries, hotel and resort accidents, and personal injury cases. Our founder, Charles Lipcon, has even handled some of the most noteworthy and well-known resort and hotel accident cases, shaping how these cases are litigated around the world.

Westgate Resorts markets itself as a luxury hotel where you can plan the vacation of a lifetime. However, many travelers find their trips turned upside down by severe injuries, illnesses, and even death. If you or a loved one is severely injured or killed while staying at a Westgate resort, you may be entitled to financial compensation. However, Westgate Resorts rarely, if ever, payout on claims without putting up a fight. Be prepared for their legal team to do everything in their power to avoid paying out on your claim.

You can take action to protect yourself and your rights when you get help from a powerful Westgate Resorts accident lawyer. Continue reading to find out more about how our hotel accident attorneys can help you get the most out of your claim. Contact our personal injury firm as soon as today to schedule your no-cost, risk-free consultation so we can start building a compelling case against Westgate Resorts and other at-fault parties.

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How the Westgate Resort Claims Process Works in Orlando, Florida

Although you may feel intimidated at the thought of going up against an international resort like Westgate, once you understand how the claims process works, you may feel empowered to demand the liable party be held accountable. Here is a general idea of what to expect next:

  1. Begin by hiring a hotel accident attorney with experience handling claims against Westgate Resorts.
  2. Your personal injury lawyer will investigate the cause of the accident and obtain valuable supporting evidence.
  3. Next, we must accurately calculate the value of your actual damages, ensuring no loss goes unaccounted for.
  4. Your resort accident lawyer will consider your legal options and prepare to file your lawsuit, negotiate with the defendant, and vigorously prosecute your case leading up until trial.

Compensation Victims For Florida Westgate Resort Accidents and Injuries

Travelers visit Westgate Resorts looking for luxury for the whole family. The promise of themed destinations and superior amenities draws in families across the globe. When family members suffer severe injuries or illness after staying at a Westgate resort, they may be entitled to compensation for their damages if Westgate Resorts and staff members fail to uphold their duty of reasonable care to their guests.

Victims have the right to be fully compensated for their damages. There is no loss you should be forced to absorb when someone else’s negligent or reckless conduct is the cause of your injuries and damages. The losses you have the right to recover are commonly referred to as compensatory damages. These include a combination of economic and non-economic losses, with economic damages describing financial losses and non-economic damages accounting for every other way victim’s lives have been affected by their injuries and the accident itself.

Some examples of economic damages you could recover following an injury at a Westgate resort include:

  • Loss of income if you need to take time off work
  • The cost of your Westgate resort stay
  • Co-pays, prescription medications, mental health counseling, reconstructive surgery, occupational or physical therapies, ambulance bills, your hospital stay, and other relevant medical expenses
  • Reimbursement for add-ons you could not take advantage of due to your hotel accident
  • Your loss of future potential earnings if you suffer a permanent disability or are no longer able to continue working in your pre-injury position
  • Costs of personal property damages and replacement of destroyed electronic devices, where applicable

These economic damages are more easily quantified as they have set financial values. The same cannot be said for non-economic damages which must be quantified based on the extent to which your life has been affected or may continue to be affected. Examples of potentially recoverable non-economic damages following an accident at Westgate Resorts include:

  • Loss of companionship, society, love, protection, or support
  • Embarrassing skin scars and disfiguring injuries
  • Fear, anticipation, apprehension, shock, and indignity
  • Permanent disability
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress

These are only a few examples of damages that could be recovered when you file a claim against Westgate Resorts. If you are interested in finding out more about how much your hotel injury claim could be worth, schedule a free consultation with a Westgate Resorts accident attorney at our firm to discuss the specific ways your life has been and may continue to be impacted by your injuries.

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Westgate Resorts FAQ

You may have many unanswered questions and concerns regarding your Westgate resort injury and insurance claims. For this reason, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding lawsuits surrounding Westgate Resorts below. If you have additional questions we did not include in the FAQ below, do not hesitate to contact our hotel accident attorneys to discuss your specific concerns in greater detail.

Can I Sue Westgate Resorts For an Injury?

Can I Sue Westgate Resorts For an Accident?

A Respected and Aggressive Westgate Resorts Accident Law Firm Can Protect You From Being Taken Advantage Of

Going up against an international hotel or resort like Westgate Resorts can feel overwhelming. However, Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. has been named to “Best Law Firms“® and several of our resort accident lawyers have been chosen as “Best Lawyers”® in America by US News & World Report annually as far back as 2016, meaning you can feel confident and empowered to fight back when Westgate Resort’s negligence is the cause of your injuries and damages.

Our personal injury law firm has the country’s top-rated litigation attorneys and have in-depth knowledge and experience regarding how resort and hotel accident insurance claims and lawsuits are handled. Let us put our 200+ years of experience to work for you and your family. If you or a loved one has been critically injured or killed in a Westgate resort or hotel accident, our team can help you make them pay. Contact our experienced Westgate resort accident attorneys as soon as possible or call our office at 877–233–1238 to schedule a 100% free and confidential case review with our dedicated personal injury advocates today.