By:   Jason R. Margulies

wyndham-hotel-accidentsNothing can disrupt a vacation like being injured in an accident, but you do have recourse. Many accidental injuries occur at hotels and resorts, and they’re not often the result of random chance. In many cases, the property owners or custodians have allowed a dangerous condition to persist, or they have failed to properly maintain a property, leading to dangerous conditions. If you find yourself the victim of a hotel or resort accident, you should contact a qualified and experienced attorney for advice.  Since 1971, we have fought for the rights of the injured around the world, and this includes countless hotel and resort incidents.  

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is a hotel company based in New Jersey with over 9,000 locations and 20 hotel brands, including Days Inn, Howard Johnson, La Quinta, Ramada, Super 8, Travelodge, and Wyndham. These well-known brands have been associated with multiple accidental injuries. 

Wyndham Hotels Include:

  • Wyndham Grand Hotels and Resorts
  • Wyndham Hotels and Resorts
  • Wyndham Garden Hotels
  • TRYP
  • Windgate by Wyndham
  • Hawthorn Suites
  • Microtel Inn and Suites
  • Ramada
  • Baymont Inn & Suites
  • Days Inn
  • Super 8
  • Howard Johnson
  • Travelodge
  • Dolce Hotel & Resorts

Hot Tub Accident at LaQuinta Inn in Desoto, Texas

In December 2020, a 3-year-old nearly drowned in a hot tub at the LaQuinta Inn in DeSoto, Texas. The child was found unresponsive and not breathing and was only revived when the front desk supervisor performed CPR on him. Without this quick intervention, paramedics said the boy might have died. Hotels are responsible for taking reasonable measures to ensure the safety of guests, and the fact that a front desk supervisor rather than a lifeguard started life-saving measures suggests that no lifeguard was present at the hotel pool, which may indicate the hotel’s liability.  We have successfully handled numerous drowning or near drowning cases and we fought for years to effectively force the major cruise lines to place lifeguards at their pools on cruise ships.  

Pool Drowning Accident at Days Inn in Bend, Oregon

In September 2020, a 60-year-old woman drowned in a Days Inn swimming pool in Bend, Oregon while swimming alone. An employee found the woman unresponsive in the hotel pool, but CPR was unsuccessful, and she was pronounced dead at the scene. Again, if no lifeguard was present, the hotel may be responsible for failing to take adequate measures to ensure the safety of swimming guests.

Cruise Boat Sinking at Ramada Plaza Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand

In August of 2020, a three-deck river cruise boat in Bangkok, Thailand picked up a group of tourists at the Ramada Plaza hotel along the Chao Phraya River. Soon after, the boat began listing. The captain, fortunately, chose to dock at a nearby pier and let the passengers off the vessel. The 60 passengers and 15 crew members were safely evacuated before the boat eventually sank. If the hotel failed to warn guests of unsafe riverboats soliciting passengers in the area, it may be responsible for putting unsuspecting guests in danger.  This type of case falls squarely within our expertise as it involves the interplay of hotel and resort law with Maritime law.  

Window Fall Accident at Ramada Inn in Edmonton, Canada

In May 2020, a one-year-old boy fell from a fourth-floor window at the Ramada Inn in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The boy was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The Ramada has a duty to take reasonable measures to protect patrons from accidental falls. Failure to install window safety devices may rise to the level of negligence.  We have handled and are currently handling some of the most high profile window falls cases.  As such, we are acutely aware of the steps that must be taken by a hotel or resort owner.  


What to Do if You Are the Victim of a Wyndham Hotel Accident

If you are injured in an accident at a Wyndham hotel, the first and most important step that you should take is to seek immediate medical attention. Even if you think your injury is minor, it’s best to be evaluated by a medical professional to document your injury. You should also attempt to gather any evidence regarding your injury. This may include taking pictures of your injuries; taking pictures or video of the area in which the injury occurred, including any hazards that may have been present which led to your accident; and asking for surveillance video or witness information. This should be done as soon as possible to preserve evidence. Finally, victims should contact a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible for legal counsel.

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