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Ritz-Carlton Announces New Luxury Yacht Cruise Line

If you have had the luxury of enjoying the Ritz-Carlton accommodations on land, then you are no stranger to the world-class feeling the company provides. Recently, fans of the brand received a surprise, when the company announced plans to launch a cruise line in 2019!

Men Rescued by Adventure of the Seas After 23 Days At Sea

Most people do not consider cruise ships to be the emergency responding vessel of choice. However, this week, the Adventure of the Seas rescued two men who had been stranded on their fishing boat for 23 days, proving that cruise ships may be more multi-purpose than you thought.

Queen Mary 2 Rescues Yachtsman in the Atlantic Ocean

When most people think of a rescue mission at sea, they do not think that a cruise ship may be the vessel that arrives to save the day. However, in a harrowing tale from the Atlantic Ocean, the Queen Mary 2 did just that, stepping in to rescue a yachtsman stranded after a hurricane damaged his boat.

66-Year-Old Man Medevaced from Carnival Fantasy

A cruise is intended to be a relaxing and carefree time, but it often is not that way when you have a medical emergency! This week, a 66-year-old man was medevaced from the Carnival Fantasy, reminding us how underlying health concerns can flare up when you’re away, causing more stress than you may have expected.

Don’t Let 2017 Cruise Trends Jeopardize Your Safety

Each year brings the arrival of cruise trends that are meant to improve passenger enjoyment. However, these new improvements can also lead to unexpected accident and injury. Before you head out on your next cruise, it’s important to remember that safety always comes first.

Transatlantic Drug Smugglers On Trial

This week, 34 individuals associated with a European-based, transatlantic drug smuggling operation went on trial for their actions. The ring successfully brought marijuana from Morocco to Brazil and cocaine from Brazil to Europe for approximately two years.

Drug Bust Aboard the Island Princess Delayed Departure by Several Hours

When you think of a cruise vacation, illegal narcotics probably do not come to mind. However, this week, that’s exactly what many passengers aboard the Island Princess were likely thinking about, as a search of their ship turned up an undisclosed quantity of drugs. Three crewmembers were arrested and charged with possession.

Man Reported Missing After 4 Days from the Golden Princess

When traveling alone, you’ll face different safety concerns than those traveling in a group. One example of this is the fact that there is no one to check on you during your vacation. This week, a 61-year-old traveling alone on the Golden Princess was missing for four days before the ship’s crew reported him missing.