Cruise Passenger Sues Celebrity for Severe Burns

This week, a 66-year-old cruise ship passenger sued Celebrity X Cruises for the severe burns he acquired on his feet while aboard a European cruise in 2014. The man, who suffered from pre-existing nerve damage, believes the ship could have done a better job of warning passengers as to the high temperatures of the deck.

Faulty Fire Suppression System Causes Flood Aboard Carnival Dream

Seeing the hallway aboard your cruise fill with water is not something anyone ever wants to witness. However, that is exactly what happened late last week, when a faulty fire suppression system caused one of the decks aboard the Carnival Dream to fill with water. The company quickly worked to resolve the matter, and all passengers and crew members are safe.

71-Year-Old Cruise Passenger Airlifted from Anthem of the Seas

Although no one plans on becoming ill at sea, the unfortunate reality is that it happens more often than anyone would like. This week, a 71-year-old cruise passenger required emergency medical evacuation from the ship, due to alleged kidney failure. He was safely transported to shore and taken to a local hospital for further treatment.

Safety on a Cruise Ship: Read This Before You Depart

For many people, the opportunity to go on a cruise means a chance to relax, have fun, and live carefree for a few blissful days. However, going on a cruise still requires a certain level of safety and awareness of your surroundings. Safety on a cruise ship really should be everyone’s first priority. So, if you are preparing to depart, here is what we recommend.

Man Accused of Killing His Wife Aboard Cruise Released from Italian Jail

This week, Daniel Belling, the man accused of killing his wife while on their Mediterranean cruise last year, has been released from prison. The release comes after 14 months of being held without bail in Rome’s Regina Coeli jail. Without proper forensic evidence or a body, Belling’s legal team argued that there was not enough evidence to continue to hold him. The case against him will continue, but Belling will be allowed to return to Dublin.

Saudi Cruise Passenger Jumps Overboard in Spain

Late last week, investigations into the mysterious death of Saudi cruise passenger Omar Salman Awadh Al-Matiri came to a close, confirming that no one else was involved in his death. Witnesses say Al-Matiri was depressed and in tears before he threw himself overboard.

British Cruise Passenger Medevaced from P&O Britannia, Wife Left Behind Not Knowing His Condition

While no one expects to fall ill while on vacation, it is not uncommon for cruise passengers to require medevac assistance. In most cases, a nurse or family member is able to accompany the ailing passenger to the hospital. However, when 72-year-old Peter Jarvis fell seriously ill aboard the P&O Britannia, the helicopter did not have enough fuel to also bring his wife. For two days she had no information on her husband’s condition. Four days after the initial air lift, she was finally able to reach his bedside.

Cruise Ship Law: What You Need to Know

When it comes to legislature, the laws governing cruise ships are some of the most complex. With so many variables involved in any given crime that takes place at sea, navigating the aftermath of accident or injury on a cruise can be overwhelming, to say the least. That is why we are here, to explain everything you need to know about cruise ship law, before you set sail.

Woman Falls Overboard Pacific Dawn, In Rough Waters Off New Caledonia

While many accidents and injuries at sea can be prevented, there are some situations when an extremely unexpected accident takes place. That is exactly what happened this week, when a woman was washed overboard the Pacific Dawn, into rough waters, as the ship sailed 150 nautical miles off the coast of New Caledonia. Due to dangerous weather conditions, other rescue teams were unable to help the cruise, forcing the ship’s crew to conduct their own search. After more than 12 hours, hopes faded and the efforts were called off.

Missing Crewmember Found Safe in Cayman Islands After Cruise Line Fails To Immediately Report

This month, crewmember Yusmaidys Ortiz Perez from the MSC Opera was found safe in the Cayman Islands, after she was reported missing from the ship. The MSC Opera stopped in the Cayman Islands on March 23rd, but Perez’s disappearance was not reported until March 27th. At this time, it is unknown why it took four days to notify investigators of her disappearance.

Carnival Cruise Accidents: Should You Be Concerned?

Whether we like it or not, accidents aboard cruise ships are a very real part of the cruise industry. And, in the past year, Carnival has been plagued with a series of tragic accidents at sea. Multiple passengers have fallen overboard, with some even falling to their deaths aboard the ships. So what does all of this mean for you? Is it still safe to set sail with Carnival? We’ll explain the current situation, so you can embark on your next Carnival cruise, stress free.

Woman Medevaced from Cruise Off Maui Due to Abdominal Pain

While no one anticipates needing an emergency rescue out of paradise, that is exactly what happened this week, when a 70-year-old Australian woman was medevaced from her cruise as it sailed off the coast of Maui, Hawaii. The woman was experiencing severe abdominal pain. She was last reported in stable condition.

Sexual Assault Charges Against New Zealand Cruise Passenger Dropped

Unfortunately, cruise ship rape and sexual assault continue to be a problem at sea. This week, charges were dropped against a Elias Azzi, who was accused of sexually violating a woman aboard the Ovation of the Seas. The courts cited lack of evidence as their reason for throwing out the charges.