Young vs. M/V Federico R

Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A


Joy Young vs. M/V Federico R in rem and Federico R. Ltd., in personam

United States District Court, Southern District of Florida
Case No. 84-1596
Judge Hastings

ADMIRALITY: Plaintiff, a twenty-eight year old woman was alleged to have been employed on defendants’ yacht as a cook and a mate. She was injured while assisting in docking the vessel when ordered by the captain to place herself in a precarious position on the gunnel of the yacht. She was then ordered to jump, barefoot, onto a concrete dock four feet below. Simultaneous with the order the captain reversed the yacht’s engines throwing her jump of f balance. Plaintiff alleged the captain and owner were negligent and that the yacht was unseaworthy. Plaintiff was taken to Cedars Medical Center where a fracture of the left calcaneous was found and she was placed in a cast for one month. Defendants claimed plaintiff was a guest, not an employee, denied she was under the captain’s orders and instructions, and asserted she was the sole cause of the accident. DR. STEPHEN TICKTIN, in addition to the fracture, reported a chronic traumatic sprain of the cervical and lumbrosacral spine resulting in an 8-10% permanent residual disability. DR. KEITH KASHUCK found an anatomical and functional disability of 15% of the lower left extremity.

Case settled during trial: $150,000.00